The umbrella is a daily need for our lives. Not only it can protect from the rain , but also can protect against the sun. There are many different types of umbrella fabrics available on the market.We most need the waterproof umbrella fabric for mainly usage. The construct of an umbrella is determines by its features and quality. Let us introduce to you several common umbrella fabric materials for sunlight and water resistance .

Polyester fabric umbrella: Everybody know that polyester (polyester fiber) can make clothes; it has a high share in the marketplace. Polyester itself has great durability and stamina. And because it can tear resistant. It can be a good choice for umbrella fabric. The uv protection can include according to customer demands. It is one of most using umbrellas for both rainfall and uv resistance.

PG towel fabric umbrella: PG towel fabric is another choice for making umbrellas. The feel of this textile is like the cotton towel fabric. The towel fabric has great light-obstructing characteristic, and 99% of uv radiation can be resisted. We will recommend this fabric for choosing the umbrella.However, the umbrella manufacturers producing expenses for this umbrellas are higher, which cause this umbrella is expensive.

Nylon towel fabric umbrella: Nylon towel fabirc can also be used to make umbrellas. The refined nylon towel is water-proof, feels smooth and has a specific level of flexibility. The towel fabric is durable and has a great shade. Nevertheless, this type of umbrella fabric has a big problem,it tends to fade when used in a moist environment.

Taffeta fabric umbrella:It is a delicate and smooth fabric material, glossy and soft, tightly woven, and stiff to the touch but with a hint of lightness. It is not overly hard but maintains a balance of stiffness with a soft, broad, and shapely feel. It can be used for fashion umbrellas because of its high quality fabric. It is hard to be folded or heavily pressed in storage.However, once the taffeta fabric is creased,it is prone to permanent creasing. There are also many types of taffeta, according to the different raw materials.It can be divided into silk taffeta, double court silk taffeta, silk and cotton interwoven taffeta, polyester silk taffeta, rayon taffeta and so on.

The Conclusion

Polyester and PG materials are the most common for making umbrellas because of many factors. You can select these two materials first when purchasing umbrellas.

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