Today I wish to present to you a fairly unusual clothes material. It is a specialized of Qimen Area in China – fleece in one side. It can additionally be called Xilu homemade towel or Qixi homemade towel in China. The type of fabric is the towel has ant-like textures. There are lots of different types and very easy to classify. We will certainly integrate the features of ant towel to inform every person regarding this material.

Functions of fleece in one side:

Ant towel has no unique needs for the option of base material. It is usually cotton or polyester-cotton, so the material really feels fairly soft. At the very same time, ant towel has great wear resistance and can be utilized for institution bags, table linens, layers, and so on. Manufacturing of items. Certainly, ant towel additionally has exceptional efficiency in regards to heat retention and can be utilized to create cozy clothes. The material design is basic and very easy to match, and there are lots of kinds for individuals to select from, so it is additionally preferred by some stylist.

The dyeability and shade fastness of ant towel are additionally great, so the ant towel items we see are all vibrantly tinted. The material is cleanable and difficult to discolor. Certainly, the price of  this fabric is additionally fairly cheap. The wholesale rate per meter is usually around 5 dollar.

The above are the features of ant towel put together by the editor. I wish the write-up can offer you a harsh understanding of this type of material.


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