Roman cloth, also called chicken cloth, is a kind of knitted fabric. The double-sided machine is used to place the weft knitted materials (cotton, nylon, etc.). At present, Roman cloth is mainly used in the production of garments. This kind of fabric has some excellent characteristics, and the price is not very expensive, so we will tell you about the characteristics of Roman cloth, and what kind of garments are suitable for Roman cloth.

We all know that knitted fabrics have good elasticity, and Roman cloth is no exception. Fabrics with good elastic recovery ability can quickly recover after being pulled, so Roman cloth is not easy to wrinkle, there will be uneven parallel stripes on the surface of the cloth, so it looks like it is not so smooth. The raw materials for Roman cloth processing are cotton, nylon, and their combination, and the presence of cotton also makes this fabric softer to the touch, and has a certain degree of warmth.

Roman cloth is a hygroscopic and breathable fabric, and the skin feel of the processed fabric will be particularly good, so it is very suitable for the production of close-fitting styles. And the clothes made of this kind of cloth are light, irregular and textured, people put it on, and very tasteful and decent. However, Roman cloth also has some shortcomings, because its cross-sectional stretch resistance is not particularly good, so when you buy Roman cloth clothing, and you need to buy a slightly larger size.Such as the processing of the Roman followed the T-shirts, sportswear is more common, of course, home wear clothing is generally closer to the body. There are also some armorbu necessary to produce a wire of clothing, will also be used in line with a little Roman cloth. Mainly choose to wholesale or consumer purchase use, the wholesale price of Roman cloth fabric is mostly between 20-40 yuan, 100% cotton fabric, and this Roman cloth, will be more expensive, so you buy, should be clear for the composition of the fabric. And need to check.


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