Dust-free cloth is a cleansing towel made use of to clean the tools or devices. It is different than the non-woven fabric material. Non-woven towel can use for making masks, but dust-free cloth can not. The raw material for producing dust-free towel is made from polyester fiber and is refined in the ultra-clean workshop. In order to let more people understand the dust-free cloth, we will certainly present to you the features of dust-free cloth .

Dust-free cloths are made from polyester fiber (polyester). This product itself is safe. People generally utilize this material to produce garments materials. No chemical materials are included during the process . So the dust-free cloth is safe and can use frankly if fit the high quality examination.

The characteristic of dust-free cloth:

The major features of dust-free cloth are tidy and has great dirt elimination. It can use for cleaning the devices in commercial, clinical, air travel and different areas (someone called it microfiber glass cleaning cloth).The dust-free cloth can easily remove dirt and is also really good at absorbing water. It is safe to use because it doesn’t produce constant force or other feelings during cleaning.

The dust-free cloth is extremely soft, so it will certainly not create damages to the devices throughout the cleaning procedure. The cloth itself has actually raised stamina and strength, and is not east to deterioration. At the same time, the dust-free cloth has great deterioration resistance and it is challenging to create chain reactions and has great functionality.

The Cost of dust-free towel:

Microfiber cleaning cloths are typically marketed in packs, and their price are typically fairly economical. The whole pack of cleanroom towels is cost 15 Dollar, the market price is a little bit pricy.


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