Mesh fabric refers to a type of fabric with a mesh structure. This type of fabric is mainly used in clothing, textiles and industrial production. Most knit fabrics sold in the market today are made of polyester. Since the cost of polyester is relatively low, the price of polyester mesh fabric is also very affordable.

The porous structure of the mesh fabric makes it breathable.Because the polyester has good stretch resistance and wear resistance.And the mesh fabric also has good wear resistance. Therefore,the fabric is not easy to damage and with long service life. The mesh fabrics are used in the production of clothing, curtains, mosquito nets and other products. It is cheap and has excellent performance.So mesh fabrics have good value for money.

How much does mesh fabric cost per meter?

The price of mesh fabric is mainly concentrated at 20-30 yuan per meter in China. The wholesale price of mesh fabrics will be cheaper. There are also a variety of knitted fabrics for sale . Friends who need to buy mesh fabrics.You can search for “Mesh Fabric” and check the specific sales price. Below we also recommend several popular types of knit fabrics in our website.

polyester mesh fabric: The composition of this mesh fabric is also 100% polyester, but the width and weight are different from the previous model. The width and weight are respectively 160cm and 90g/m². You have the choice between 18 colors.The wholesale price of fabric is 25 yuan per meter. Friends who need to purchase can consult customer service for the fabric color card.


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