Flocking fabric is an innovation in fabric processing. We commonly refer to materials refined by the flocking process as flocked fabrics. The raw materials most frequently used for flocking fabrics are primarily polyester, cotton, and various chemical fiber blends. The concept of flocking fabrics involves utilizing the physical properties of electric charges to create flocked textures.The flocking materials are negatively charged, attracting dust due to the different electrical potential. This dust is then adhered vertically to the flocking fabrics. There are three main methods of flocking.We will introduce to you the characteristics of flocked materials.

The flocked fabric surface will be softer and more delicate than the raw material. Velvet fabrics, known for their excellent heat retention properties.But the flocked materials are also suitable for producing warm pajamas. Additionally, the flocked fabric has good color fastness. Therefore, the cloth made from flocked materials has rich color, and the fabric has strong decorative properties, making it frequently sought after by various fashion designers.

The characteristics of flocked materials are related to the raw material. For example, cotton-based flocked materials will be more breathable and softer than those made from chemical fibers. On the other hand, the wear resistance of chemical fiber flocked materials will be better. Therefore, when we purchase the flocked materials, we should inquire about the specific composition of the fabric. Flocked materials are generally can be waterproof during processing.It can make them highly water-resistant.

Uses of flocked materials:

The uses of flocked materials are quite diverse. They are commonly utilized in the fields of clothing and home textiles. The most typical applications include skirts, stylish garments, sofa cushions, and more, all boasting a beautiful and fashionable appearance. We also market flocked materials both wholesale and retail. Please enter the mall to check the price of the corresponding fabric.

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