Velvet is a velour material with a stack or loophole framework. Its raw material is not swan.It is made by mulberry silk , cotton and polyester. To compare with cotton velour,polyester velour is economical and has many attributes.It is presently popular on the marketplace. When acquiring velour materials, we have to verify the structure of the material. Mulberry silk velour will certainly be far more expensive than polyester fibers. In order to provide you an comprehensive understanding of velour fabric.We will certainly present the features of this material to you listed below.

Velour is fleece products.So like various other materials.It is easy to shed. Nevertheless, top quality velour has little problems for this. This type of material will barely drop any type of dust after being used on many times. Certainly, we require to invest even more time on daily treatment and cleaning the velour clothing.

The velour product such as,velour leather and velour tracksuits ,has great and soft fluff, with a beautiful look and superb touch. It can be utilized in the manufacturing of layers, felts and various other materials. Despite what sort of resources the velor is constructed from, it has superb thermal insulation buildings. Mulberry silk velour will certainly have far better heat. Second of all, velour likewise has great wear resistance, and the material is hard to flaw and discolor when cleaning. Nevertheless, velour likewise has some imperfections: in winter season, when the environment is reasonably completely dry, it is simple to produce fixed electrical energy and soak up dirt, therefore impacting the general look.

We provides retail and wholesale solutions of velour materials. Buddies that intend to purchase velour can most likely to the shopping center to inspect the details specifications of the material. After that I will certainly likewise suggest a warm marketing velour material to you.

Cotton velvet: The structure of the material is 80% cotton + 20% polyester. Its weight and size are specifically 280g/m ² and 160cm. The material is a little flexible and soft, has a high cotton material and is hard to fluff. It appropriates for the manufacturing of sweatshirts, sweatpants and coverings.Wholesale fabric The price is 35 yuan per meter.

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