Lycra textile is additionally what we commonly call spandex textile. The raw product of Lycra textile is spandex fiber. It was initially established by the DuPont company in the USA. Exceptional flexibility is the primary feature of lycra textile and can be generated with it. For apparel such as T-shrit, sports wear and outerwear. Lycra fabrics can go back to its initial form after being folded up and warped without leaving creases. Nonetheless, lycra fabric is normally made by two different textile .It is blended with cotton or chemical fiber basic materials to make it. For high flexibility, the percentage of elastane is normally much less than 20%. How much do lycra fabrics cost ?

Considering the spandex is not woven individually .Its percentage of spandex is low.The cost of Lycra textile is mostly identified by the primary parts of the textile and the procedure. Normally, the cost of lycia fabric cotton-spandex mixed is greater than the chemical fiber. The cost of the previous is normally 25 to 40 yuan per meter. While the latter can be acquired by the meter for greater than 10 yuan. The cost distinction is big.So you must focus on the components of the textile when purchase.

Fine imitation ribbed cotton lycra: This textile is made from a 95% cotton + 5% elastane mix. The weight and size of the Lycra fibers are 400g/m ² and 120cm specifically. The textile is thick and has outstanding flexibility. The existence of cotton additionally makes the textile extra flexible. It is really soft and comfy and has great thermal insulation feature. It can be made use of to make sweatshirts and layers.The cost of wholesale fabric is 25 yuan/meter.

Cotton and linen lycra fabric: The primary part of the textile is 55% bed linen + 40% cotton + 5 spandex. The size of this Lycra textile is 130 centimeters and the weight is 160 g/m ². The textile has great flexibility and appropriates for making cardigans, trousers and various other apparel. The cost of the textile is 38 yuan per meter.

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