Pure cotton and bed linen are our popular garments textiles. We might not recognize other natural and synthetic fibers . Polyester fibers, viscose fibers and nylon are all types of synthetic fabrics with a huge usages. We will certainly introduce these common synthetic fibers which including their attributes and utilizes to you.

First, polyester fiber is what we typically call polyester fibre. The products of polyester fiber are low-cost.The production is simple, and can be generated in huge amounts. Consequently, the cost of this type of material can be less than all natural fibers such as cotton and bed linen textiles. As a synthetic fiber material, polyester has very high stamina and strength.It is usually more durable than other material. Polyester fiber has excellent water absorption but not breathability. Therefore,using this type of material in summer will certainly be uncomfortable. Polyester fiber is generally used in the area of garments. T-shrit, sports apparel, and undergarment can be made with polyester. Polyester fiber is also used in commercial factory, such as conveyor belts and various other items.

Second,viscose fiber (viscose fiber) is made from all-natural timber pulp. The feeling of the material is extremely soft which comparable to pure cotton. It has a soft touch, excellent wetness absorption and breathability.So viscose garments are comfortable to put on. Viscose fiber is very easy to color and has excellent shade addiction. It is difficult to discolor when cleaned or used for a long period of time. However, the cost of viscose fiber is more expensive than other synthetic fiber.It is appropriates for the underwear,t-shirt,and jammie.

Third, nylon fiber is a synthetic fiber material like polyester .The biggest difference between nylon and polyester is flexiblilty.The nylon material will go back to its initial form after being drew without leaving creases. Also,nylon has excellent wear resistance. The material is cleanable and not susceptible to pilling. It is typically made use of in swimsuit and sports apparel.

In conclusion, synthetic fibers such as polyester, viscose, and nylon hold a significant place in the textile industry due to their different applications and unique attributes. While each type has its own set of properties and uses in fabric technology.Welcome to contact with us for more informations about these synthetic fibers.


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