Long-staple cotton and cotton are often used in the field of clothing and textile raw materials, although they belong to the cotton, but due to the different growth environment is to make them in the function of deviation, this article is introducing the difference between long-staple cotton and cotton, and which kind of cotton is better.

What is the difference between long-staple cotton and cotton? Long-staple cotton or regular cotton which better?

First to introduce the long-staple cotton.It is also known as the island cotton.Its growth conditions will be more harsh than the general cotton, the growth of the heat required and the growth cycle are longer than cotton, currently in Xinjiang and other places have a large number of planting and production. The reason why it is called long-staple cotton, because it has extremely fine fibers, fiber length can reach more than sixty millimeters, and long-staple cotton strength will be higher than the general cotton.The long-staple cotton with the production of clothing is not so easy to break break. Long-staple cotton fabric has a soft and comfortable touch, its glossy and soft made of clothes more beautiful, in terms of warmth also has a more outstanding performance, but also pay attention to the daily maintenance of the fabric, in the washing is recommended to use neutral washing liquid, suitable for four sets and T-shirts and other fabrics production.

Compared with long-staple cotton, we will be more familiar with cotton, cotton can be used in almost all kinds of clothing, such as we wear T-shirts, as well as jackets or socks will be used. Cotton production and processing technology has been very perfect, the cost will be much lower than cotton, not seriously compared to cotton and long-staple cotton is not much difference.

From the cost-effective point of view of cotton will be more cost-effective, you want to pursue better quality, you can choose long-staple cotton. We also has long-staple cotton (sea island cotton) and cotton and other clothing fabrics for sale.If you need to buy clothing fabrics ,you can go to the mall to check the price, the following is also recommended to you a better quality of cotton fabrics.

Cotton jersey fabric: the composition of this fabric is 100% cotton, fabric width and grams are 180cm and 320g/m², fabric thick with excellent warmth, soft feel can be used in the fall and winter jerseys, sweatshirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants and other apparel production, fabric wholesale price of 30 yuan per meter.


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