Yoga seems to be the preferred sport for women’s fitness or physique, especially after the promotion and popularisation of yoga classes over the years. More female friends relax by practicing yoga after work or study. Of course, to practice yoga is not a comfortable yoga outfit, which can reduce the sense of restraints in the practice process. Yoga outfits are usually made using fabric. What about production? We suggest some fabrics that are commonly used in the manufacture of yoga clothes.

Nylon fabric yoga Clothes:

This is the current market offers the most a kind of yoga clothes fabrics. We all know that nylon, whether it is wear resistance or durability have a very outstanding performance, which is also just in line with the requirements of yoga clothes required by the environment. In order to make the yoga clothes have excellent durability, clothes manufacturers in the production of yoga clothes will be mixed in the 5% to 10% of spandex (Lycra), and this type of fabric price is not high. This kind of yoga clothes with a very high cost-effective in the market to obtain good sales.

Rayon fabric yoga Clothes:

There is still a portion of yoga clothes on the market that is made of rayon or rayon + spandex yoga clothes. Although it is said that rayon fiber has good strength and scratch resistance, the breathability of yoga clothes made from this fabric is very limited, and may not be very suitable for hot summer wear for yoga. However, rayon yoga clothes according to the price will be lower than nylon.

Cotton fabric yoga clothes:

Cotton is also a good choice for making yoga clothes because cotton fabric has good moisture absorption and breathability. After wearing, it is soft and comfortable and does not cause a sense of tightness. Cotton is very suitable for the creation of sports fabrics, but in terms of scratching resistance, it is not as good as nylon and other chemical fiber fabrics. After a long time of wear or wash, there will appear shrinkage or wrinkled feeling. Cotton yoga clothes are more expensive than the above two types of introduction.

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