Stretch velvet fabric is a kind of velvet textile. It is called stretch velvet fabric because it is easy to retains the original shape. And is not easy to lose hair. The piles of the stretch velvet textile are not easy to collapse. It can always keep a good hand and yarn; it not only has many excellent properties.And it will not collapse. Stretch velvet fabric is very versatile, and is commonly used to create high-quality clothes. Below we will let you learn more about this fabric.

First,this kind of stretch velvet fabric is mainly blended with polyester and spandex raw materials. The weaving process of the velvet makes the pile not easy to collapse. The spandex fabric of the textile will have better flexibility and anti-deformation. Not only the Stretch velvet fabric itself is superior.It can recover without folds after folding and pulling. The feel of the stretch velvet fabric is smooth, and the touching is very good. It has better warmth than other velvet textiles. It will evaporate water in a hot bed and achieve a moisture balance function of the textile. It will be used more in high-end, homewear, sweatshirts, and jackets.

Second, this stretch velvet fabric has excellent color fastness, and is not easy to fade after washing. A little dust will fall off in the first wash. The long-haired hair is worn out. It will be fine. The feeling of stretch velvet is soft and it becomes the preferred fabric for the warm and cold sweatshirt and jacket. However, the velvet textiles will produce more or less static electricity after rubbing. Dust adhering to the surface of the clothing will affect the appearance and will make the cleaning very difficult.

Here are some of the stretch velvet fabric textile qualities compiled our website. Of course, there are also a variety of stretch velvet fabric for sale on the website. There are a variety of stretch velvet fabric in our website who need to purchase.Welcome to ask the price

Color cotton stretch velvet : It can be seen from the name of the textile, the main ingredient is cotton. The weight and width of this textile are 350g and 180cm. A piece of 1.6 meters is about 1kg. This fall-resistant velvet is elastic and a thick cotton texture. Cotton stretch velvet will have better quality, it absorbs moisture, the feel of the fabric is soft, delicate, and gentle. It can be used to create hoodies, sportswear and other comfortable cotton clothes. Cotton stretch velvet is considered to be a high quality textile. The price of  textile is 55 yuan/meter.

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