When it comes to garment materials, pure cotton is definitely the one that everyone is most familiar with. As an all-natural fiber, pure cotton is not only soft and breathable, but also has many excellent properties such as health and environmental management. Stretch cotton is considered a great fabric for making versatile and comfortable clothing. Cotton has a downside, that is, its elasticity is fairly ordinary.The pure cotton garments are not suitable for occasions that require excessive flexibility. The stretch in stretch cotton fabric comes from elastane, making it perfect for garments that require flexibility. The appearance of stretch cotton has resolved the lack of flexibility of pure cotton to a certain degree.

So what is stretch cotton, and what are the characteristics of stretch cotton? As a breathable and soft fabric, stretch cotton is ideal for a wide range of sewing projects. We will introduce this material to you based on the features of stretch cotton. Buying stretch cotton fabric in rolls can be cost-efficient for large projects or commercial clothing lines.

As the name recommends, stretch cotton describes flexible cotton. The reason this kind of cotton is flexible is that elastane (in between 5% and 10%) is rotated right into the material throughout manufacturing and handling, so the percentage of cotton is still extremely high. It additionally has a few of the attributes of pure cotton, such as superb dampness absorption, breathability and soft qualities, which is why cotton materials are extremely comfy to use. Second, superb warm retention is additionally a significant attribute of cotton. The material is eco-friendly and sanitary and does not aggravate human skin when used near to the body. Many thanks to its great flexibility, the material can be brought back after folding without leaving folds. This kind of material is a lot easier to look after than pure cotton..

When it comes to whether flexible cotton or pure cotton is much better, total flexible cotton is much better, yet you still require to choose which one to acquire according to your very own demands, since some individuals do not such as flexible garments and the cost of cotton Elastic is normally above pure cotton. Obviously, No. 3 Textile Hall additionally offers pure cotton and flexible cotton materials. Pals that intend to acquire flexible cotton can examine the rates in No. 3 Shopping mall. The following one is flexible cotton material marketed in Hall 3 Shopping mall.

10 thread elastic cotton: The structure of this flexible cotton is 97% cotton + 3% elastane. The size of the material is 150 centimeters. The material has great flexibility, soft touch and modest density. It can be made use of to make coats, trousers and various other garments.The cost is 23.5 yuan per meter.


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