The level of popularity of digital items brings in individuals in their everyday lives easier to fall into exchange radiation; periodic radiation on the body does not have much impact, but some people need to work in a long-term radiation environment or infants, pregnant women, for the impact of radiation cannot be ignored. Because these groups of people are more sensitive to radiation, and silver fiber production of the textile can be a good solution to this problem, in the following, we will introduce you to the properties of silver fiber.

Properties of silver fiber fabrics:

Silver fiber fabric is made of polyester, nylon, and other chemical fibers as raw materials for a cloth with an anti-radiation feature, it can protect us from electromagnetic radiation in our life, which can also perform the current anti-radiation performance, the best kind of fabric, fabric feel moderate and not as hard as we think, the following will be introduced to you in detail the characteristics of silver fiber fabric.

Silver fiber fabric with radiation also has a strong antistatic feature, due to friction and other factors make static electricity can be quickly eliminated. Silver fiber fabrics have anti-bacterial deodorizing properties, the fabric is difficult to mold black and can absorb and decompose odors that are not available in other fabrics. Silver fiber fabrics also have the function of heat resistance and thermal insulation, in summer it can quickly release heat, and in winter it has good thermal insulation.

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