Silk fabric initially is described as a kind of silk material woven from silk. Due to the fact that silk is a kind of luxurious fabrics and limited, therefore now more chemical fibers and rayon are made use of to produce cheaper silk fabrics. Although the quality is not just as good as pure silk, with the renovation of silk handling. The quality of chemical fiber silk fabrics are extremely close to the natural silk fabric.The silk fabric can be made use for home decoration, skirts and quilting. It has a stunning look and a particular feeling of deluxe,therefore it is perfect for designer desiginig fashion products.

Specificities of silk fabric:

Silk fabric feels really smooth and has great breathability. The silk fabric has its exceptional drapability. Therefore,silk apparel can be light and stylish without really feeling bulk. The silk is extremely skin-friendly since this fabric has a range of healthy proteins, therefore it has great biocompatibility, and can take good treatment for human skin.

The silk fabric also has sound-absorbing, heat-resistant and UV-resistant for house, so it can be used for window curtains. The fabric is not conveniently infected by dirt, and such items will certainly have much better home decorating. The fabric has great flexibility,it is hard to diminish and warp after cleaning, and can last for a very long time.

There are likewise several types of silk, it can be splited right into 14 classifications according to the weaving or refining techniques: crepe, satin, damask, thread, and so on.

Introduction about types of silk fabric:

Striped satin fabric: The raw product of this silk is rayon. The size of the material is 150cm. The material is soft and light. The shade is intense and the structure is charitable. It can be made use of for the manufacturing of headscarfs, apparel and various other items. The wholesale cost of the material is about 2USD per meter in China.

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