The Plain flannel is actually a special plan fabric as its surface is very flat. It is made from a level pile, which is known as Solid Flannel. The process to make Plain flannel will often choose cotton flannel from the higher quality. Of course, sometimes, the material polyester and other synthetic fiber will be used. The fabric made from this process has many good features. Although flannel use is very wide, in fact, not many know about it. Now, I will introduce the good and bad point of Plain flannel with you.

Solid Flannel Shirt has a surface that is flat, thick and shiny. It feels extremely close and warm on the skin. It is also elastic, such that when rubbing is defined, it may return to its original form. Additionally,flannel Shirts made from this material are resistant to rubbing. They are practically four to five times more tough than other fabrics. Furthermore, this flannel is tough to damage, making it a feasible option for making sofas and other furniture. The flannel is often warm because of its thickness as well as high pile-it traps air creating a layer that keeps you warm. Solid Flannel is suitable for staying warm and making warm clothes.

The price of Plain Flannel is selling price approximately 20 to 40 dollars per meter. Cotton flannel is more costly than polyester. In addition, various flannel collections are also numerous on our website. Therefore, I’m going to introduce a flannel fabric that keeps warm.

Thickened double facecloth is using 100 percent polyester fiber. The flannel cloth is thick, soft, and exquisite to the touch after the pile is cropped together. This facet provides efficiency and warmth in the material. Flannel’s width is 160cm, superior for manufacturing coats, blankets, and cushions. The price of the flannel is 25 yuan per meter.

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