Pima cotton fabric, named after the American Pima Indian, is a high-end textile and was originally considered the best because of its high quality and manufacturing process. Pima cotton fabric is made of the finest, softest and most luxurious cotton. It is generally imported pure pima cotton fabrics are mainly imported from the USA, Peru, and other places, and as a result, they are relatively expensive. Generally, having over 20 dollars per yard, and domestic pima cotton fabric is expensive, too. Pima cotton is definitely first-class, and its specific features are obviously different from ordinary cotton. So, what are the characteristics of pima cotton, and is pima cotton better or pure cotton?

The features of pima cotton Fabric :

Pima cotton is an even more slender fiber, about 30% longer than regular cotton, and is also called long-staple cotton. Therefore, its strength and durability are superior to the regular cotton, and have better resistance to being broken.

Pima cotton is not only soft to the touch, compared to pure cotton, it has an even more lustrous cotton surface. Less pilling and dust are adhered to the surface of the fabric for a long time. And it has greater flexibility, which can quickly revert to its original shape after the fabric is flexed. It is not easy to fold and crease after damage, or to be dull, so it is easier to process than pure cotton fabrics.

Pima cotton fibers have good dyeability and color fastness, the fabric can be dyed in bright colors that are not easy to penetrate, and the fading is also a difficult thing. Pima cotton made from it, such as pima cotton t-shirts, towels, and four-piece bed sheets will continue to be new for a long time. It can be seen that the superior characteristics of pima cotton are more expensive in comparison. Usually, the cost of regular cotton is about 10 yuan per meter, and pima cotton can cost up to 90 or more yuan. If you product a batch of clothing with these materials, the cost is quite large.

Is pima cotton much better or pure cotton?

In terms of the quality of cotton, healthy, pima cotton will be better than organic cotton in all respects, but the price will be much more expensive than pure cotton. If your budget is sufficient, you can choose pima cotton. Pima cotton will generally be more used in four-piece bed sheets. And the pure cotton will be used more in the clothing area.



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