In this short article, we will reveal an extremely special sort of replica natural leather fabric. The surface area of this fabric has a framework that equals to peach skin, so we additionally call it peach skin fabric.Next we will certainly make a short introduction of peach skin fabricFiber compositionPeach skin velvet is typically constructed of polyester or nylon-polyester. Therefore, the cost to generate peach skin velvet fabric is fairly affordable, claiming by exaggeration it will not be greater than100% natural fabric. The normal wholesale cost of peach skin fabrics per meter on the market is about 10 yuan in China, certainly, the cost of peach skin fabrics with various weight and workmanship will be different.Knowledge point “The Peach Skin Fabric”Peach skin fabric is a kind of synthetic fabric, distinguished by the way its texture resembles the skin of a peach. A very pliable material, it is used in a wide variety of ways and is well-suited for use in pieces like outerwear, accessories and home furnishings.Composition : The fabric is generally made from polyester or a polyester and nylon blend, which gives it both durability and a soft hand.Affordable: Because it is a synthetic fabric, the material tends to be cost-effective and can be found within price ranges that are competitive in the marketplace.Uses : Peach skin fabric is well-suited for crafting jackets, purses, decorative items that will be used in the home.Peach skin fabric provides the same external appearance, flexibility and utility as real peach skin without using the animal hide. This has made it a beneficial and wide-spread resource to vary manufacturers.

Peach Skin Fabrics Pros:

No matter whether it is polyester or nylon polyester,it is high strength, wear-resistance, good toughness, and the raw material of peach skin velvet. Fabric with a breathable and waterproof coating. This is why peachskin bags are made.

Peach skin suede surface is shiny, We feel that the fabric is soft, waxy and has washing effect. It is called peach skin. Because the fluff is shorter and more delicate, it has a general silk feeling.Fabrics are light, hand feels good, more moisture absorption, good air permeability.

Durability: Resistant to wear, ensuring longevity.

Breathability: Allows air to pass through, increasing comfort.

Water Resistance: Offers protection against moisture.

Softness: Features a plush and cozy texture similar to silk.

Lightweight: Easy to handle and ideal for a variety of applications.

Appearance: Sports a matte finish with a subtle, elegant sheen.

Maintenance: Simple to care for, with strong color fastness.

Printing Friendly: Compatible with dye sublimation techniques for vibrant designs.

Peach Skin Fabrics Cons:

Peach Skin Fabric Cons: Washed about 80-90% of peach skin. This cloth is easy to hair, it’s easy to piling when it rubs for a long time. It is also easy to be contaminated with dirt, so you need to pay more attention when you wash it.

Softness: The fabric feels soft to the touch, akin to the outer skin of a peach.

Drape: It offers an elegant drape that adds to the appeal of the apparel made from it.

Wrinkle Resistance: Exhibits a natural resistance to creasing, thus requiring less ironing.

Breathability: A breathable material ensuring comfort upon wear.

Acquisition of Peach Skin Textile by Length

Yes, it is possible to buy peach skin fabric by the yard:

Peach skin fabric clothing is available in most fabric stores and online retailers. This versatile fabric is available in a variety of colors and prints–ideal for any desired look.

How to Maintain Peach Skin Textile Clothing

To maintain peach skin fabric garments:

Washing Drying Ironing

Use a gentle cycle with cold water. Air dry whenever possible. Opt for a low heat setting, if the fabric needs to be dried using a dryer. Refrain from using any type of bleach. Use a press cloth to protect the fabric.

Viability for Crafting Dresses

Peach skin fabric is a great choice for dresses for several of reasons:

Versatility Comfort Appearance

It can be worn for casual or more formal affairs, making it a highly versatile fabric. Additionally, its comfort level makes it an excellent choice for clothing that may be worn for long hours. finally, the fabric looks and feels very luxurious, yet without the hefty price tag.


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