The relatively rare ottoman fabric is introduced in this article. The raw material for ottoman fabric is generally polyester (polyester fiber), that is, chemically referred to as polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. After taking polyester as raw material, ottoman fabric is processed with a double-sided circular knitting machine, which makes the fabric appear ribbed with a corded appearance, like a staircase, so that the fabric is named ‘ottoman fabric’. Meanwhile, as a kind of textured fabric, ottoman fabric is often used in the production of women’s clothing and sportswear.Today, Ecomyj fabric will introduce some of the functional characteristics of ottoman fabric.

The fabric surface of ottoman fabric has been designed with an appearance like a rib, so it is visually very three-dimensional. As a kind of textured fabric, ottoman fabric has the same excellent elasticity as other textured materials. It can quickly restore its original shape after the material is stretched or deformed. Its excellent strength and toughness can be attributed to the raw material polyester, so ottoman fabric is durable, not easily damaged, simple to wash and quick to dry. It can be easily reprocessed, so its care and maintenance are much easier than for cotton fabrics. For this reason, ottoman fabric is often made into spring and summer clothing.Ottoman fabric has good dyeability and colorfastness. It can be dyed after the fabric is made into garments, so the products can be dyed in various colors. The dyed fabrics do not fade after washing or after prolonged use, which is one of the reasons for its use in fashion garments. The production technology of ottoman fabric has been very mature, and the cost for raw materials is low, so the price of ottoman fabric is not expensive. Its wholesale prices are mostly between ten and twenty dollars per meter.

The above concludes some of ottoman fabric’s functional characteristics, in the hope that readers can know and really understand ottoman fabric. Ecomyj fabric updates the fabric-related knowledge every day, and also provides retail and wholesale services for various fabrics. Readers who need to purchase a fabric, please make a price inquiry on the Ecomyj fabric website of House . Friends who have any needs can log in and consult Ecomyj fabric online customer service.

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