Modal fiber (Modal) will be bush wood pulp through spinning technology made of a man-made fibers, the current fiber is more used in the field of clothing and textiles, although it is man-made fibers, but many aspects of the characteristics of the natural fiber has exceeded, this article will take you together to understand the Modal fabrics.

Modal fabric features:

Modal fabric has excellent moisture absorption, touch feel similar to cotton, fabric drape than cotton, in the light of a good scene will be with a silver-white luster, this fabric skin-friendly and non-stimulating, a lot of underwear on the market are produced with modal, fabric green can be degraded under natural conditions themselves.

Modal also has good toughness and strength, so it is not easy to appear in the processing of fiber breakage and other phenomena, at the same time it is also outstanding dyeing and color fastness, can maximize the absorption of dyes, so we see Modal products are colorful, of course, can also be blended with other natural fibers or chemical fibers into cloth. Modal fabrics will not be the same as cotton fabrics, the more you wash the older, there will be no yellowing of the fabric phenomenon, the fabric size is stable, washable and wearable with a very high cost-effective.

Of course, modal fabrics also have some shortcomings, such as modal with a long time there will be varying degrees of velvet phenomenon, although it is man-made fibers, but the market price is generally more expensive than cotton.

40s modal frame stripes: the composition of this modal modal + spandex, fabric width and weight were 180cm and 220g/m², fabric soft and has excellent elasticity, can be used to make dresses, T-shirts and cardigans and other products. The wholesale price of the fabric is $25/meter.

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