Metallic fibers refers to a fabric with a metallic fiber content about 5%-10%. Its main materials can be cotton, polyester cotton, nylon, and other products. This fabric has been quickly accepted by people due to its many excellent characteristics.And it has gained a certain market share in the clothing market within a few years after it lunch. Below, the editor from ecommyj textile will answer the questions about what metallic fiber fabric is .Whether this fabric can be washed with water.

When producing metallic fiber fabric, metal fibers that have been treated by drawing are spun into the fabric. The entire processing process requires high technical standards, which also increases production costs. It is considered a type of high-end fabric. Due to the presence of metallic fibers, the fabric has a bright metallic luster, which will twinkle with the change of light sources.

As the content of metallic wire in the fabric is not high, its hand feel still depends on the main components of the fabric. Metallic fiber fabric with a higher cotton content will be softer and more comfortable. Additionally, metallic fibers are bendable and variable, which gives the fabric a shape memory creasing effect – a characteristic not possessed by other fabrics.

Metallic fiber fabric also has functions like radiation protection and anti-static. Such clothing fits well with people’s concept of health and safety and can be used in the production of pajamas and home wear.

Can metallic fiber fabric be washed with water

The washing method may vary for fabrics with different components and production methods. Therefore, when we purchase metallic fiber clothing, we can first check the washing instructions on the tag. Normally, it can be washed with water, but we should control the soaking time in water and the washing duration. It is recommended to use a neutral detergent for washing.

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