What are the types of interlining

Interlining is a skeleton and support of clothing, belongs to the category of clothing accessories. Normally cotton fabric, linen fabric, wool fabric or garment embroidery with wood tops. Mainly used in suits, overcoats, formal wear, not T-shirts, Banlan such clothes lining; also formal wear shell fabric and a well interlining, to get better fall and over fat. The interlining has many types, different types of interlinings, its role is not the same, the following will give you a classification of the types of interlining, of course, can be divided in a variety of ways of interlining, below for the raw material made of what classification.

1. cotton, linen fabric interlining: This is the first one to appear, is hard with cloth stiffening, general formal wear Sun Yat-sen suit lapel, Western-style suit-thing is the use of this kind of lining. Sun Yat-sen suit collar lapel attached interlining, and can care for aggressive stand;

2.wool fabric interlining: Its raw materials are cotton, synthetic and wool or mixed with the above, made of cotton lining, there is a special soft natural touch, is the old Dao thin lining; this lining restraint with a hard and soft with the characteristics, is a high level of clothing materials;

3. resin lining: cotton and synthetic fiber, dyed, finishing ironing, up in the use of resin, garment skeleton reinforcing sail,dio-dense;

4. bonded the lining: raw material is cotton or other synthetic fibers are called the hybrid fiber. Recommended by the tailor-bonded lining, you can make the outer more crisp shape to shape. The use of this lining stiffening method, a resin-containing heat melt, melt containing fusible interlining, also in two different ways take shape: non-fusible interlining;

5.noni-woven reserved: English called the noni Reserved, that is non-retardant adhesive with a non-insulated clothing materials. He is used in high-grade clothing, his pure cup, but very hard with a soft natural features.

The role of the interlining

Interlining: the main function is to be able to shape the clothing much better curves, the shape of a face fall and fat firm. Used in classic suit wo Empress by the cotton lining. In addition, he also played a thermal function, high-grade clothes, the interlining requirements are very strict, can not be a little cloth, a piece of clothing, even if the interlining is discarded, he must be non-cane than one a grid. Strip matching with wool, to be able to support, The noble’s hand-feel does not resist the wool products, some Narrative of the hot-melt lining technologies are from Germany, his fusible is a modern lining, it’s back with a layer adhesive , Easy to fit with the system piece.


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