Synthetic fabrics, and natural fabrics are divided into different types of fabrics. The most common kind of fabric is organic cotton, bed linen, and polyester materials. Today, I come to tell you about a type of natural material that we use a lot but little know about. It’s called healthy fabric. Some people also call it air layer material. Healthy fabric is a sort of interlock texture which use unique natural materials. The component of this type of fabric is polyester or cotton, as well as into it twisted 5-10% spandex. Natural fibers such as organic cotton, incorporated into healthy fabric assist with breathability and moisture-wicking suitable for those with sensitive skin. Healthy fabric has different features. Of course, there are also some imperfections. We will certainly present the advantage and disadvantage aspects of health cloth materials below.

Many cloth can be provided the health cloth, the cotton, the polyester, the chemical fiber are possible, but everybody has neglected the Tencel fabric, Tencel also can provide the health cloth, Tencel is to use the wood pulp, one kind of the health cloth that mentioned, soft hand sense and environmental protection have natural advantage. The Cotton and Polyester are the common of the health cloth, naturally, the characteristic that use above, the clothes made from Health cloth of the cotton is particularly appreciated, because the soft hand and absorbs sweat the good characteristic, is that every kind of clothes suited to every kind of profession and school uniform. We can examine the advantage of health cloth below.

The advantage of health cloth:

Healthy fabric is a double-sided sandwich textile that gives it a soft hand feel. This radiation security is treated for some special blended fabrics healthy fabrics, such as cotton blended polyester, for professional clothing is better. Just like a healthy fabric healthy fabric, healthy fabric will be radiation security treated during chemotherapy. Through special processing skills, Shanghai, some professional clothes, or work clothes fabric, radiation protection processed healthy fabric shell fabric, could be made. As linen, the health fabric provides consumers with the option of natural cooling characteristics. In hemp, and 5 times the aluminum die for the heat, good ventilation, strong hygiene properties, such as clothing, some more still healthy fabric is also some degree of insulation.

Cotton, as a healthy fabric material, what radiation protection condition is it? In fact, in processing, cotton has some certain degree of warmth retention performance, because it is good on the human body textile. The small quantity spandex is spun into the elastic force, the greater the fabric itself as good as good on your citizen’s clothing. On the healthy fabric, the fabric drape with elastic force, flexibility, textile requirements are greater, such as a certain distance swim to the fabric is very good to meet people’s needs. Almost all the linen fabric clean, very strong endurance, very sorry, very easy to be tipping a Creasy. Because the specific fiber good strength. Healthy fabric is also an element of linen fabric, anti-wrinkle, very suitable for sports with to wear. The fabric sweating function, hence, healthy fabric is more frequently employed at present, some more sportswear.

The characteristics of the healthy fabric

Healthy fabric wrinkles, with clear texture, crisp structure, partially, is also some anti-wrinkle. The fabric wears well, and is difficult to be out of shape, and is easy to maintain. The vast majority of school service, and the skin is made of chip fabric. One of the main reasons for being able to bear the price is that it is usually very cheap. For example: Polyester barrier health fabric, the price for a meter is about 11-21 yuan. Healthy fabric, also have some disadvantages:

Healthy fabric materials are actually really lucrative. The textile itself has no big troubles. Low quality health fabric materials are easy to pilling. While not mentioned in the article, bamboo fabric is another instance of a healthful fabric due to its normal antibacterial qualities and soft texture.


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