Coral velvet fabric is a new kind of textile. It is called due to the surface area of the upholstery fabric has a coral-like structure. Its appearance and characteristics are very close to flannel faric. But it is thinner and shorter than flannel fabric. The price of coral velvet is also relatively cheap. In order to give everyone a deeper understanding of coral velvet fabric, we will share some knowledge about coral velvet, including the raw material of coral velvet and the price of coral velvet textile.

The material of coral velvet is polyester fiber, which is made from polyester as raw materials and processed with processes such as raising and sanding. It is fine and soft to the touch, and the towel surface has excellent gloss and color. Furthermore, coral velvet fabric has outstanding heat retention properties and can be used in the production of various types of warm products. That include coral velvet pajamas, pillows,blankets, towels, and so on items.

The velvet coral textile is also very simple to maintain. Typically, this fabric is not easy to fade or pill. At the same time, velvet coral is a healthy and environmentally-friendly textile that will not irritate human skin and cause skin allergies. The absorbency of coral velvet is much higher than pure cotton, making velvet coral fabrics more comfortable to wear.

Of course, the coral velvet fabric also has some disadvantages. As a type of velvet, it will easy to lose feathers. However, coral velvet items will significantly reduce lint loss after being used for a period of time. Furthermore, in winter, this type of item is more likely to generate static electricity, and dust in the air is easily absorbed.

The price of coral velvet textile:

Currently the price of coral velvet per meter is mainly between 2-5 dollars. Of course, some better quality coral velvet’s price is around 10 dollars.

Double-sided coral velvet: The main material of this coral velvet is synthetic fiber (polyester fiber). The width and weight of the textile are 170cm and 300g/m² respectively. The textile has a delicate and smooth feel and good resilience. It can be used for pajamas, sweatshirts and for the production of pillowcases and other products, the wholesale price of the textile is about 5 dollar per meter.


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