Chenille fabric is a type of material frequently made use of to create drapes. Its basic material is polyester (polyester fiber), which is after that turned right into filaments or brief fibers of various excellence. Along with making drapes, chenille material can additionally be made use of to create couch covers, blankets and various other materials. Listed Below, we will certainly lay out the advantage and disadvantage aspects of chenille material.

Advantage of chenille material:

Chenille material is fairly thick, and the material is wear-resistant and challenging to be harmed. At the very same time, this sort of item is challenging to tablet, so the material will certainly be easier to procedure. The material can be refined by printing, jacquard and various other procedures, which can Make drapes much more attractive.

Second of all, the material has far better drape. Chenille material additionally has UV security and audio insulation features, and has far better light-shielding buildings. This is additionally the reason that chenille is made use of to create drapes. It is made from polyester, which is not just It can make it have much better put on resistance, and the expense of polyester is low, so chenille material is really affordable out there.

Chenille material fits to touch and wear-resistant. Its great shade fastness makes the material much less most likely to discolor after cleaning, so chenille material additionally has a high expense efficiency.

Disadvantage of chenille material:

Chenille material will slowly flaw after being made use of for a long period of time, and it is additionally susceptible to creases when cleaned, which will considerably impact the look of the material.

Types of chenille fabric:

Chenille wide strip: The make-up of this chenille material is 95% polyester fiber + 5% spandex. The size and weight of the material are 150cm and 780g/m ² specifically. It can be made use of for the manufacturing of drapes and various other materials.


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