In the past few years, bamboo fabric has become increasingly popular. It has gained a strong position in the market due to its unique functional qualities. In fact, it can be considered as one of the top natural fiber fabrics, alongside cotton, linen, silk, and wool. However, not many people are aware of the specific characteristics of bamboo fabrics. This article aims to provide a more comprehensive understanding of bamboo fabrics by discussing its characteristics and pricing.

The bamboo fabrics sold at the store is environmentally friendly and won’t harm the ecosystem. The Characteristics of bamboo fabric: Bamboo fabric is made from bamboo, belongs to a kind of natural fiber, after processing into fabrics will not pollute the environment and damage the human body, so the fabric itself is more environmentally friendly.

Due to its softness and moisture-wicking properties, bamboo fabric is gaining popularity in the textile market. Secondly, bamboo fabric has good moisture absorption and breathability, so the bamboo fabric is also relatively soft, comfortable and suitable for the production of intimate apparel, wearing experience is more similar to cotton fabrics.

The bamboo viscose could be the reason behind the fabric’s excellent dyeability and easy care. Of course, bamboo fabrics also have the characteristics of cotton does not have.The bamboo fabric has a very good anti-bacterial function, this kind of fabric in the harsh environment is not easy to grow bacteria deterioration.In addition, bamboo fabric and deodorant mite function.It is also the reason why bamboo fabrics socks are very much liked by the people. The antibacterial quality of bamboo fabrics is what helps prevent odor in socks, even in moist conditions. There is also its abrasion resistance and dyeing is also very good, so bamboo fiber fabric care is also relatively simple.

How much does bamboo fabric cost per meter?

Currently, the price of bamboo fabricand cotton prices about the same, between 20 to 50 yuan per meter in China.Because the fabric composition and workmanship will be biased, so the price will have a fluctuation, we also have bamboo fabrics for sale, the following to introduce you to a bamboo fabric.

The fabric called bamboo linen is actually a blend of linen and bamboo fiber, suitable for making shirts and tops. Linen bamboo fiber: the composition of this fabric is 55% linen + 45% bamboo fiber, its width is 140cm, the fabric elasticity is general, the overall fabric quality is thin, beige and flesh-colored two colors available for purchase, suitable for shirts, tops, and socks, the fabric wholesale price of 22.8 yuan per meter.

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