Alpaca fiber is a layer of velour extracted from the skin of alpacas. Since alpaca fibers are much rarer than bunnies material and lamb material, the cost of alpaca fiber is increasing highly, specifically for the high quality alpaca fiber. This product has been made the garments and various other fabrics for a long time. The deficiency and high cost of the product have actually made the appeal of alpaca items rare. We will certainly introduce this type of fabric for you.

The alpaca fleece is great and soft,it does not have a uncomfortable feeling for human skin. Its feeling similar as cashmere. Alpaca fiber can be mixed with other fibers or natural fibers. It’s usually safe for human skin and doesn’t cause allergies, so you can wear clothes made from it without worry.

Cashmere is known for warmth, same as alpaca wool fleece. Along with heat advantage, it also has great breathability character .Alpaca fleece is great for keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s used to make coats, scarves, and other warm garments. However, because it’s an expensive fiber,the garments such as sweaters are made purely from alpaca wool tend to be quite pricey.

Alpaca sheep wool has better wear resistance than cashmere. The Alpaca wool fiber is durable and prevent from the pilling.But remember, maintain alpaca wool items are important. We suggested not to clean alpaca wool in washing machine, wash it by hand. You can bring alpaca clothes to a nearby dry cleaner for cleaning. Make sure to follow the washing instructions on the clothing label.

Because there are fewer types of alpacas than sheep fiber, alpaca wool is usually more expensive than cashmere. Nevertheless, the majority of the alpaca materials presently offered on the marketplace are combine with other fiber or replica alpaca.

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