Bamboo cotton (geranium cotton) slub cotton fabric also has similar balanced bodycloth in Slub knit fabric, Slub jersey fabric which is made from the pure cotton as based material, After bamboo-like textiles are woven towels is unique, as regards its bodycloth, the bamboo cotton texture is also more natural, is the quality in all bodycloth also very excellent, generally, used in summer T-shirts, underwear and other commodities, including slub cotton clothing’s, for you to give a brief introduction of such a bodycloth.

The properties of bamboo cotton:

Since the above this kind of bodycloth bamboo cotton is cotton yarn, so bamboo cotton fabric slub cotton fabric these fabric types in fabric are very similar, first, bamboo cotton fabric touch is soft, breathability’s and it is similar to knit slub fabric, slub jersey fabric has a great performance, so many clothing manufacturers will choose the bamboo cotton production of have a trying on room or inner wear, because bamboo cotton also has a great resistance to draw, so, the of clothing maintenance will be much easier than the cotton of, etc. Like, like, fall, cotton of easy care products no shrink to give, bamboo cotton moisture absorption also is more excellent than cotton of, absorb sweat exothermic run fast, and bamboo cotton T-shirt are also in the summer favorite, slub jersey and cotton slub fabric blends are is because he has great breathability yet are both in demand.

Bamboo cotton fabrics for sale also includes a variety of choices for designers. An internet search for “Bamboo cotton” Additionally, may also offer designers fascinating choices and bargains as well. Designers searching for Bamboo cotton fabric, or those more interested in researching a more diverse texture range, such as Polyester slub fabrics, Slub yarn, or slub woven fabrics More recently, may find it to their liking to peruse to consider these sellers of slub fabrics…. Price search our platform to view all the options. Below is a selection of several of the more popular Bamboo cotton of late.

40s Fine cotton light bamboo, this bamboo cotton fabric 100% cotton, its width and weight of 150cm for the fabric, 120g/m², the fabric is clear, texture is soft, of comfort is due to the very bodycloth in slub cotton similar texture is good also, and T-shirts to do some, can also need to annatto, innerwear, the price of the fabric is $25/meter.

Slub Cotton this fabric is 100% cotton (cotton), this Bamboo stripe cotton, corduroy for fabric, 145cm in width and this (Fabric width) Chinese’s a kind of style, the bodycloth is non-elastic can pull, is thin, but very in a flexibility, selection of cotton to do highquality cotton, feeling straight straight, skin-friendly and comfortable, to do a shirt, dress, suspenders and so on related to the pocket clouteal. The price of the fabric is $17.8 per meter.


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