Today we presents you to a breathable fabric – Ice silk fabric.It may also be referred to as rayon. The resources for ice silk fabric are primarily viscose fiber,modified polyester fabric or nylon fabric. Of course, some high-quality ice silk fabrics will be manufactured using natural fibers such as cotton and linen. Ice silk products, after their introduction, quickly became popular for consumers.However, the understanding of this fabric is not very widespread. The following is a brief introduction to the qualities of ice silk fabric.

Ice silk fabric is generally a blend of chemical fibers, with viscose and nylon as the main components. The fabric’s breathability and moisture absorption surpass that of chemical fibers, making it much stronger in these aspects. The water content in the fabric is very consistent with the needs of the human skin, resulting in ice silk fabrics that offer an outstanding sense of comfort, as well as coolness and breathability, making it suitable for summer wear.

Ice silk fabric has a smooth and soft touch. When mixed with spandex, ice silk fabric will have better elasticity. The fabric boasts excellent shape retention and drape. Garments made from it will not easily wrinkle like cotton after washing. Although it is made from synthetic fiber, its performance has come quite close to that of natural fibers, and in some aspects, it has even surpassed the qualities of natural fibers.

However, ice silk fabric also has some disadvantages. For instance, the fabric is harder to clean once stained, and if not promptly cleaned, stains may become stubborn. Therefore, garments made of this material require frequent changing. Ice silk clothing should avoid exposure to sunlight when drying, as prolonged exposure to sun can make the fabric hard. We can add detergent to alleviate this phenomenon.

The price of ice silk fabric:

Ice silk fabric on retail e-commerce platforms is priced at more than 20 to more than 40 yuan per meter. The price varies depending on the content of the fabric components and the quality of the selection. We also offers ice silk fabric among other fabrics for sale. For those interested in purchasing fabric, you may visit online to check the prices.

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