We are a textile business company in China. In this issue, we would love to introduce some high quality fabrics that you can use to make some beautiful four piece bed set. You can use canvas, fleece and other fabrics for bed set, which are comfortable and durable. We also can produce various kind of home textile and decoration accessories. Now we would like to introduce some details about fabrics of four piece bed set.

What is Four-Piece Bed Set


The Sheets generally has two types: flat sheets and fitted sheets. Flat sheets lie on top of the mattress and are often paired with a duvet cover; they can be easily removed for for washing. Fitted sheets are secured at the four corners of the mattress, and will not easily come free or wrinkle. Sheets can be made from a wide array of materials: cotton, linen, silk, etc. You can choose the sheet based on your personal preferences and seasonal requirements.

Duvet cover:

The duvet can be paired with the sheet, not only to dress the bed, but also to protect the duvet from contamination. Duvet covers are often made of soft, skin-friendly fabrics such as cotton, wool, and silk to ensure the enjoyment of a good nights sleep.In addition, the style and color of the duvet is also the key to distinguish the quality of a bedding, according to the overall style of home decoration and personal preference to choose.


The fabric of the pillowcase is generally the same as that of the four-piece bedding set. However, many people prefer to use a pillowcase made from pure cotton fabric. A pure cotton pillowcase is soft, breathable and has good moisture absorption, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. The general pillow sizes corresponding to pillowcases, matching dimensions results in a fit that is comfortable and stable during sleep.


Bedspreads are very important elements of the four-piece bedding set, covering the top of the duvet cover, and increasing the decorative area of the bed. Bedspreads are diversified in material, being light and breathable, with thick fabrics available. They may also have dust-proof and anti-mite properties. Diverse in terms of design and patterns, they satisfy the requirement of matching with the style of the room. Increasing the temperature and warmth of the space. The Fabrics for Four-Piece Bed Set When purchasing a four-piece bed set, the most important factor to consider is the quality of the fabrics. This is because the fabric will come in direct or indirect contact with our bodies, so we have to choose it carefully. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the production fabrics during the buying process. The following section is an introduction to the different fabrics used in the production of four-piece bed sets.

The Fabrics for Four-Piece Bed Set

Cotton Fabric

When compared to other natural fabrics for four-piece bed sets, cotton fabric is the most suitable. This eco-friendly fabric is perfect for people with allergies to synthetic fabrics. The types of cotton fabric in the market have good diversity, with Egyptian cotton being one of the most common. Egyptian cotton has extra-long staple fibers, absorbing up to 50% more than other ordinary cotton. Egyptian cotton also has a higher thread count, which leads to a smoother finish, making it very suitable for producing bed sheets. Cotton fabric is highly suited to the processing technique, which includes washing and blending. High-quality cotton doesn’t fade and doesn’t harm the skin when used in printed four-piece sets.

Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric, also known as polyester fiber, is another fabric utilized in the making and weaving of four-piece sets. A synthetic fiber, it comes in large price differences compared to the same weight of cotton fabric. The general feel and quality are very different from cotton and its biggest advantage is the lower price. This fabric would be almost acceptable for four-piece sets that don’t ask for particularly high standards. Unlike a lot of other fabrics, it has many advantages such as wear-resistance and durability. This is great for longer use, and proper care and washing of synthetic four-piece sets can lead to the original look lasting the life of the four-piece bedroom set.

Polyester Cotton Fabric

The combination of polyester and cotton fabric has many benefits, combining the strengths of both types of fabrics. This fabric is priced within the range of pure cotton fabric, from more than ten dollars to over thirty dollars per meter. This type of cotton fabric is a good choice for anyone who is looking for the benefits of fabric that are a mix of both polyester and cotton; this type of cotton is characteristically durable and has the strength associated with the typical polyester of fabric available on the market. Furthermore, the fabric mix is also easy to afford. The beautifully colored polyester cotton blends will add to the aesthetics of any room.

For a better nights sleep when we buy four-piece bed set there are a few things we need to consider. The most frequently used fabrics when these four-piece bed set are being produced are the three fabrics mentioned above. In general we can say the best thing is learn how to choose the right bedding that meets the needs about fabric type, thread count, sensitivity of skin etc.

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