The sweater is one of the most popular seasonal clothes in the fall and winter. It can keep you warm and is convenient to wear. When people purchase sweaters, they are mostly only concerned about the style of the sweater but do not pay attention to the sweater fabric. The fabric often determines the function and quality of the sweater, so it is essential for us to understand what the sweater’s fabric is and its function.

Different kinds of sweater fabric type

From the warmth of the sweater, cashmere is one of the most commonly used sweater fabrics. It has excellent warmth function, and cashmere sweaters do not easily have fabric pill, but sometimes cause clothes to shrink.

From the quality of the sweater, silk fabric has better quality than other farbics; it feels more delicate, but the most significant disadvantage of silk fabric is easy to hook silk, so you need to be careful when wearing such sweaters.

From the price of the sweater, blended, chemical fiber materials and cotton sweaters are cheaper, but those fabrics are not as warm as cashmere. So we need to figure out how to make your selection. If the budget is enough, we still recommend choosing cashmere fabric sweaters for comfort and warmth. Although cotton fabric sweaters are not easy to get pills, the warmth effect is far less than cashmere, especially in the cold winter; it may not be able to keep you warm enough.

The sweater is easier to get clothes pilling compared to other clothing. Especially in the neckline and cuffs, and other parts of the sweater.those parts easily appear a lot of wool and acrylic blended . We do not recommend that you buy the sweater which contain acrylic.

Some manufacturers will add an anti-ballooning fiber in the production of sweaters, it can efficiently solve the problem of sweater pilling; this kind of sweater is relatively good. The selection of the sweater fabric is only one aspect; paying attention to daily maintenance is more important.

Introduction about sweater knit fabrics

Sweater knits is the perfect combination of warmth and fashion clothes.It is a seemingly simple garment but has a deep cultural connotation and the charm of handmade art. It is not only a piece of warm clothing, but also can be a representative of fashion and a display of personality.The quality and comfort of Sweater knits are directly influenced by the selection of fabrics.

Sweater knit fabrics can be made from a variety of materials such as wool, acrylic, cotton, and linen, all of them offer softness, breathability, warmth, and other desirable qualities that provide with a great sense of comfort. Knit fabric type possesses its own distinctive characteristics. For instance, wool fabrics naturally resist wrinkling and offer warmth, whereas acrylic fabrics exhibit exceptional elasticity and durability.

The Conclusion

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