What are the best fabric for couches with dogs? If we have dog at home , it is suitable to choose scratch-resistant, the easy-clean PU leather, imitation leather, suede fabric and other durable fabric for the sofa.Below, we will introduce the pet friendly furniture for the pet owners.

What potential damage to sofas caused by dogs?

If you are dog owners,you need to know that their paws can cause damage to the sofa. When they are excited or anxious, they may scratch the backrest and armrests of the sofa. They may also leave the pet hair on the couch, dust on the floor, and tear marks. In addition, some dogs may drool heavily on the sofa , which can make sofa dirty.

Which material of sofa are more suitable for dog owners?

1. Leather sofa: Leather sofa is a durable fabrics for the sofa which is especially suitable for pet owners families. However, leather sofas have some disadvantages, such as easy to get marks under the scratch of the dog’s claws, in addition, leather sofas may not be suitable for prolonged exposure to sunlight. Therefore, if you choose a leather sofa, you should choose PU leather or imitation leather that is scratch-resistant and stain resistant.

2. Suede fabric sofas: Velvet fabric sofas are very comfortable and suitable for children or pets to play on the sofa. It is very durable but may not be easy to clean. Therefore, you can choose other suede fabric materials that is stain resistant and avoid the shiny fabrics ,because of easily getting mark by the scratch of claws.

3. Other materials: If you don’t like leather sofas or suede fabric sofas, you can also consider other materials such as cotton, linen or gray sofas. All of these materials can prevent from the scratching and slobbering of dogs.

Other things need to care about

When looking for a sofa, it’s best to choose a neutral color, such as white, beige or grey.It will not only fit well into your home environment but also effectively conceal dust and wear. In addition, it is best to choose a sofa with cushions and backrests that can be removed and washed.In the end, don’t let your dog get used to sleeping on the sofa, this will prevent them from destroying it.


If you have a dog at home, it is very important to choose pet friendly fabrics for sofa material. Scratch resistant, easy-to-clean are the performance fabrics .Therefore,pu leather, faux leather, and suede fabric are good couch fabrics choices. It is also a good suggestion to choose a sofa with neutral colors and easy to clean.

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