Wide-legged pants are becoming more popular in recent years.It is very popular with the trend of a class of clothing sought after by women.The pants are straight and open leg, pants worn loose without a sense of constraints, with the right words have a good thin effect, because wide-legged pants have a great market demand.So its style and type is also increasingly rich.Below,we try to introduce several common wide-legged pants fabric for you.

What are the fabrics of pants? How to choose it?

Polyester fiber (polyester) wide-legged pants: polyester fiber is not only moisture absorption and wear, and its shape stability, pulling and washing is not prone to deformation of the situation, the most critical production costs are low, so the price of polyester fiber wide-legged pants will not be too high.

Blended fabrics: a large part of the wide-legged pants sold in the current market are a variety of fabric blends, the following to introduce you to several kinds of wide-legged pants fabrics on the website.

Linen bamboo fabric: the composition of this wide-legged pants fabric for 30% linen +70% cotton, fabric width and grams were 140cm and 170g/m², fabric bias after the feel thick, with better than cotton breathable and moisture absorption properties, faster heat dissipation and have a good sense of quite wide, fabric wholesale price of 13.2 yuan per meter.

Tencel thick oblique fabric: the composition of the fabric is 50% Tencel + 50% cotton, the overall moisture absorption and breathability of the fabric is very good, delicate feel and very skin-friendly, made of wide-legged pants have a good drape, fabric price of 33 yuan per meter.

Messy Tencel linen fabric: the composition of the fabric is 70% Tencel +30% linen, fabric width of 148cm, fabric breathable cool and smooth, using reactive printing and dyeing way of color, health and environmental protection will not stimulate the human skin, suitable for the production of wide-legged pants and dresses and other clothing. The price of the fabric is 40 dollars per meter.


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