Silk fabric is renowned for its appearance and feeling.Throughout Chinese history, the highly regarded Chinese silk has been a significant element particularly in the silk industry,. As a textile material, it is made by processing silk from silkworms,primary from mulberry silkworms, tussah and cassava silkworms. The nobility of silk is not only in its appearance but also in its numerous features. Silk fabric is naturally green and safe, as natural silk is hygienic and does not harm the human body. With its soft and smooth texture, good draping qualities, and lightweight elegance, silk embodies a high-end textile fabric with a luxurious appearance.

The warmth retention of silk fabric is excellent.Therefore it was used in the silk quilts and silk dresses that provide warmth without the weight. The moisture absorption and breathability of silk fabric are bettern than pure cotton.The silk fabric make the clothing exceptionally comfortable, imparting a sense of freedom rather than constraint. The versatilityof silk fabric is also demonstrated in the various types available.It is arised from different weaving and processing methods, such as the plain weave fabric style. This leads to an array of appearances and functions, allowing individuals to select silk textiles based on personal preference. Additionally,the good dyeability of silk fabric results in a fabric that bonds well with diverse dyes, showcasing a soft sheen and rich colors. However, the silk fabric does have its disadvantage, such as being prone to snagging and requiring careful washing with specific detergents to maintain its quality.

The Cost of Silk fabrics

100% pure silk comes with a high price for customer.The wholesale price for a meter of pure silk generally about hundreds of yuan, with higher-denier silk reaching up to four to five hundred yuan per meter in China. Not everyone is willing to invest so much on buying silk products.Therefore why artificial silk can be affordable alternative.It is about ten yuan per meter. Although synthetic silk can has the feel of pure silk in some degree.But the silk threads and fibers of pure silk ,such as mulberry silk, eri silk, and muga silk,are more superior in quality. The complex silk production process, from the silk cocoons to the finished silk fibre, is reflected in the price and high value of silk fabrics. Even though it is costly, the natural elegance and the appeal of fabric, keep it popular in the fashion clothing industry .

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