Fur fabric is a general term for a class of textile. This kind of fabric is generally made of animal fur (sheepskin, mink, etc.) after processing. The raw material of the furfabric is relatively scarce and has a pretty good quality (warmth, wear-resistant, etc.), so the price of fur fabric is also extremely expensive. The high cost of fur fabric, sourced from animals such as minks and foxes, reflects its superior warmth and quality. Some luxury brands of fur coat have even been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the world of high fashion, mink is revered as the pinnacle of luxury fur, offering unparalleled softness and insulation.

In this article, we will introduce to you different kinds of fur fabrics, and what are the characteristics of these fur fabrics. As an economical and ethical choice, many consumers turn to artificial fur fabric instead of traditional animal fur. We will introduce different types of fur fabrics to you.

Otter rabbit skin: Otter is a kind of rabbit. This rabbit skin processed into fur fabrics, there will be a smooth and soft touch. A faux fur jacket provides the elegance of otter rabbit skin while ensuring no animals are harmed in the process. The fabric is very warm and can be used for coat jackets, hats, and other fabrics.

Fox skin: As the name suggests, it is made of fox skin fabrics. Of course, there are many types of fox, including common white fox, blue fox, and crystal fox. Fox fur, celebrated for its excellent dye retention and variety of colors, offers a rich palette from snowy white to deep blue. Fox skin dyeing and color fastness are good, so we see the fox skin fabrics are rich in color. Fox skin also has good warmth; in fur, it belongs to a boutique.

Mink: This is also a class of fur fabrics we hear most often. In our impression of the mink coat seems to have become a symbol of wealth. It also has the title of the king of fur and is known as the ‘soft gold’ of the fur world. Mink fabric’s cold and warmth are better than that of fox skin as well as otter rabbit skin. The price of mink products is naturally also extremely expensive.

Sheepskin: After the washing process, sheepskin can maintain a soft texture. Sheepskin also belongs to a kind of fur fabric. Overall, it is not so scarce, but the production process is more complex, so the price will not be too cheap. Sheepskin can be used for garments, home furnishing, clothing and so on.

Raccoon skin: This skin is taken from the earth badger. Compared with other fur fabrics, raccoon skin will have better elasticity. While wear resistance and warmth are also very good, it can be used for the production of leather mattresses and leather coats and other products. The resilience and elasticity of raccoon skin make it a premium material for high-end home furnishings, such as leather mattresses. Crafting blankets from authentic fur may be a costly endeavor, prompting many to choose faux fur for a more accessible and human option.


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