Occupational clothing refers to a class of clothing worn for work needs, that is, we say the work clothes, occupational clothing is not limited to shirts and suits, including skirts and other customized clothing according to the company’s image, but the general occupational clothing will be more formal, because it represents the image of the company, that our occupational clothing is generally made of what fabrics?

Occupational clothing is generally customized by the enterprise, clothing styles and fabrics are available to choose, but the common professional fabrics are mainly viscose fiber, polyester, and cotton, of course, some companies will also choose a little higher-end, such as wool such fabrics to do professional clothing.

Viscose fiber professional clothing:

Whether offline stores or e-commerce platforms, a large part of the sale of professional clothing are a viscose fiber as raw material production, viscose fiber is what we often say viscose fiber, this fiber made of fabric smooth and cool, as well as anti-static and UV protection and many other features, it is very suitable for doing a professional clothing of a fabric.

Cotton professional clothing:

Cotton does not need too much to introduce to you, the most important feature of this type of professional clothing is comfortable, cotton fiber is very breathable so in addition to the production of professional clothing is also suitable for the production of intimate apparel, but this type of professional clothing is not as good as the overall resistance to washing and abrasion resistance of polyester.

Chemical fiber professional clothing:

Chemical fiber class professional clothing to polyester as a representative of this fabric cost is low can be mass produced, but the defects are still very obvious, polyester fiber breathability is not good, if you wear in the summer will be more stuffy, but this material is wear-resistant and washable, the service life is also relatively long, which is the competitiveness of chemical fiber class professional clothing in the market.

Above these kinds of professional clothing fabrics are more common. Of course,within the above mentioned kinds of professional clothing fabrics for sale, to buy or wholesale friends are welcome to enter the mall to see the price.

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