On the topic of denim fabric, everyone will naturally think of denim jeans, which is the raw material from which denim fabric are made. Of course, it is simply too much to think of the many uses of denim fabric, but it was originally used for sailing canvas.

The classic blue jeans owe their iconic color to the indigo dye used in the denim fabric. With the improvement and upgrade of fabric handling technology, the denim available in the market has many excellent features.

On the interface of fabric, denim fabric is also called denim jeans or dungaree. It is a thicker fabric usually made by yarn-dyed weaving , washing and other processes of cotton as the main raw material. It is mainly indigo blue, while black is becoming increasingly popular.

Cotton is the base material for denim fabric, so denim has a soft feel and good breathability. According to the weight of denim, it can be divided into light, medium, and heavy. When shopping for jeans, be sure to first ask about its quality, otherwise there will be problems such as fading and shrinking.

Pants characteristic:

We all know that our denim jeans are solid and durable. Hence denim fabric is also characterized by excellent wear resistance. The fabric is tight and there is a slight texture on its surface. The tightness of denim contributes to its windproof properties and this fabric is used to make denim pants, denim jackets, and other products. The addition of spandex to stretch denim results in tight jeans that promote the trendy couture look, and are more durable than other contemporary materials. Denim jackets, like jeans, feature the fabric’s signature solidness and are significantly versatile.

In addition, denim fabric is also windproof and has a warm function. The tight fabric surface plays a good windproof role, in addition, the cotton raw material of denim fabric has a good warmth retention, so a pair of denim pants can be worn in each season.

There are many types of Denim fabric, now from different processes and components can be divided into many species. Denim’s twill weaving makes it durable and gives it fine diagonal lines, so as to see the style they like. In recent years, denim with better elasticity has become increasingly popular. This material adds spandex during processing, so that ready-made jeans are more tight and slim, and are also favored by fashionistas and designers.

According to these classifications, the quality of denim fabrics also varies, and it doesn’t need to mention the lightness of camouflage in matching. Denim fabric started as sailing canvas before entering our wardrobe, showing its versatility.

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