The sofa is one of the most popular furniture in the living area of our family, and the fabric of sofa is also an important indicator of the comfort of the sofa. How to choose a good sofa fabric? The small editor tells you about the various types of the sofa, what the best upholstery fabric is, and how to choose a sofa. Some suggestions for the sofas in your own house.-What is the best material for sofa fabric…Sofa fabric of all sorts of materials are suitable for different groups Vernacular.

1. pure cotton fabric sofa. The pure cotton fabric is comfortable, breathable, soft and not irritating, and most importantly it is environmentally friendly and kind to the skin. It is the largest market share in the upholstery fabrics. Pastoral style is one of the most common for cotton fabric sofa, cheap indeed, with a variety of designs and colors, does not fall off, excellent color rendering, no static, etc., but poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle, easy dyeing, less wear-resistant.

2, velvet fabric sofa. The hair of the velvet fabric sofa is wired to small animals. The soft and delicate hand feels like the hair of a girl. This fabric is also known for its fashion appearance, excellent color rendering, anti-fouling and dust-proof, etc., the velvet sofa fabric is from a corduroy material to a base of suede, etc., but it is easy to generate static electricity.

3, linen sofa fabric. The flax of the spring and autumn intersection has warm winter and cool summer. It is good thermally conductive. It is also said to the hot summer without sweat, good, good, that this texture than flax sofa fabric is tight and soft, flexible, and moderate hardness and softness, natural and simple.

4, blended Sofa.

Such sofa is made of a combination of cotton and synthetic fibers. It is easy to clean and does not require ironing. Is elastic, colorful and durable. The fabric can look like silk, linen, velvet and is inferior to pure edition. With the improvement of dyeing and finishing techniques in recent years, the mixed fabrics have a soft, almost real feel as pure leather sofa, so more and more popular nowadays.

The leather-fabric couch over the past two years, riveted among the sofa and all sofa calls. Leather is used for the sofa area that is difficult to clean, such as armrests, backrests. In the field by body closest seat, backrest such as cloth. Leather and cloth share color. Sofa leather, the first one used in nanosoft fabrics.

Tips for selecting a sofa

1. The Fabric

The better it feels great to sit down, less likely it is to be deformed. Because it is directly linked with work, be careful.

2.Low hardness

The couch must be fixed firmly to make it safer for future use. You should not buy a sofa that is instable and shakes. If you buy this material, it’s not a particularly pleasant meal, a small foot pressure in the center of the leg, the head bouncing around the feet. So, it is very bad.


This type of sofa has a very low quality, the article will have defects, if you sit there, sitting in your home, better not to buy.


No sofa with a strong odor or smell should be bought either. It’s important to smell the sofas! We must be careful when choosing sofas.



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