Cotton material is clothes collar cloth as well as home cloth industry in the best utilized one.The cotton possesses exceptional dampness absorption as well as breathability.So we put on cotton garments are extremely comfy, cotton fiber organic safe, in the natural surroundings to break down.Therefore cotton clothes is certainly not boost the body triggered by the hypersensitive sensation, cotton items along with a lot of exceptional qualities of the individual’s preferred. How much is a meter of cotton material? We take you to recognize cotton material, and how much does it cost.

Cotton material thread, grams as well as method will definitely determine the price of material, therefore its price covers a wide range, there are more than a dozen a meter, there are 50-60 a meter, of course, this is the retail price of material, we also provides wholesale services for cotton cloths, the following will be introduced to you a few cotton cloths.

Ultra-thin cotton fine pit-stripe. The composition of the material is 96% cotton + 4% spandex, the grammage and width of the material are 140g/m ² and 145cm respectively, the material is pit-stripe construction, the material is soft and has a clear texture, spun into spandex material will have a better elasticity, can be used for T-shirts, homewear clothes and other clothing production, the price of the material is $35 per meter.

Cotton Printed Fabric is made of 100% cotton. The width of the material is 160cm, the material is very soft and relatively thin and dense. However, the elasticity is not as good as the one above, the material is eco-friendly, healthy and skin-friendly and breathable, it can be used in the production of pajamas, tops and other lingerie.

Cotton Canvas The cotton content of the material is 100%, the grammage of the canvas is 250g/m ², its width is 150cm, the cotton canvas is thick and wear-resistant, laborious, and colored by environmental control dyeing, it can be used for tablecloths, cushions and decorative fabrics, etc. The price of the material is 11.5 per meter.


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