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  • Made of 99.5% hemp and 0.5% cotton
  • Dyed linen twine
  • Weighs 155 grams per square meter
  • Wide at 150 centimeters
  • 1 kilogram equals about 4.3 meters
  • Designed with Europe and America in mind

Linen twine is a versatile and durable material made of 99.5% hemp and 0.5% cotton, perfect for creating high-quality loungewear fabric. Its solid color pattern and European-American style offer a classic, timeless look that appeals to fabric buyers looking for elegant yet sturdy materials.

The dyeing process ensures vibrant and long-lasting colors, while its weight of 155g per square meter strikes the ideal balance between strength and comfort. With a width of 150cm and approximately 4.3m in length per kilogram, linen twine provides ample material for various fabric projects such as knitting or hessian creations.

Fabric buyers can trust linen twine to deliver excellent results in their creations due to its exceptional quality, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal to their designs.

Product Lists:

    • No. K302237
    • Ingredient content: 99.5% hemp, 0.5% cotton
    • Process: Dyeing
    • Grammage: 155g/㎡
    • Width: 150CM
    • Specification: 1kg≈4.3m
    • Style: Europe and America
    • Pattern: Solid Color
    • Use: Loungewear fabric




  • 99.5% hemp and 0.5% cotton composition: Durable and natural, this blend ensures strength and softness, making it ideal for comfortable loungewear fabric.
  • Dyeing process: The vibrant color saturation from the dyeing process adds a touch of elegance to your creations, elevating the visual appeal of your projects.
  • 155g per square meter weight: It provides a substantial feel without being too heavy, giving your projects substance without weighing them down.
  • 150cm width: This generous width offers versatility, allowing you to create various pieces with fewer seams for a more seamless finish.
  • Length of approximately 4.3m in 1kg: With this length, one kilogram allows you ample material for multiple projects or larger-scale designs.
  • European and American style with solid color pattern: This design choice embodies timeless sophistication while offering flexibility to suit various aesthetic preferences.


  • Made of 99.5% hemp and 0.5% cotton for durability
  • Dyeing process ensures vibrant color that lasts
  • Weighs 155g per square meter, making it lightweight
  • Generous width of 150cm for various uses
  • Versatile length: approximately 4.3m in every kilogram

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Crafting Projects

When I’m crafting, I always reach for linen twine to add a natural and rustic touch to my projects. Its sturdy yet pliable nature makes it perfect for macrame, knitting, or wrapping gifts.

Use Case 2: Gardening and Home Decor

We love using linen twine in our gardening activities because it’s eco-friendly and blends seamlessly with the natural elements of our garden. We also use it indoors for DIY home decor projects like hanging planters or creating a bohemian-inspired wall art.

Use Case 3: Packaging and Gift Wrapping

When we want to add an organic feel to our packaging and gift wrapping, we rely on linen twine. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also aligns with our sustainability values, making the presentation of our products and gifts extra special.


1. What is linen twine used for?

Linen twine, great for crafting, wrapping gifts, and gardening tasks.

2. How strong is linen twine?

Quite strong! It can hold up well for sewing projects and tying plants.

3. Does linen twine come in different colors?

Yes, it’s available in various colors to match your creative needs.

4. Is linen twine eco-friendly?

Yes, absolutely — it’s biodegradable and a green choice for the environment.

5. Can I use linen twine for cooking?

Sure thing! It’s safe to tie meats and veggies for cooking purposes.


Unleash Your Creativity with Linen Twine!

Ideal for craft enthusiasts and DIY lovers, our linen twine is perfect for creating unique loungewear fabric. Elevate your crafting experience with the durable and vibrant European and American style linen twine, made of 99.5% hemp and 0.5% cotton, featuring a solid color pattern to bring your creative ideas to life! Explore the endless possibilities and express your individuality today.



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