Tencel fabric is also known as lyocell fiber fabrics, it is very different from silk in the raw materials, silk raw materials are generally mulberry silk, while Tencel is made of natural wood pulp (bamboo, tree) fibers as raw materials, Tencel’s production costs will be cheaper than silk, so it can be a certain degree of substitution for silk, the following No. 3 fabric museum editorial with a detailed introduction to the Tencel fabrics, including some of the characteristics of Tencel fabrics and Price.

Tencel fabric at the same time with the strength of chemical fiber and cotton moisture absorption and breathability, the fabric has a good sense of drape, can be used to make dresses and thin jackets and other clothing.

Tencel has a similar luster to silk, the texture of the fabric is clear and soft and smooth to the touch, very comfortable to wear, suitable for the production of intimate apparel. Tencel can also be blended with other fibers according to customer demand.

This kind of fabric shrinkage rate is very small and will generally be less than 3%, so washing is generally not the phenomenon of shrinkage, Tencel clothes also have anti-static properties, in the bacteriostatic and warmth also has a very good performance, so it is very convenient to take care of.

The price of Tencel fabric:

Tencel fabric wholesale price is generally between 20 to 50 more than one meter, the specific how much to combine the fabric process and composition, 3 fabric museum also has a variety of Tencel fabrics for sale, to buy Tencel fabric friends can 3 museum mall to see the specific price of Tencel fabrics. Here are a few recommendations for you to sell more Tencel fabrics in the No. 3 Hall mall.

Tencel bamboo knots wrinkle: the composition of this fabric for the Tencel blended material, fabric micro-elastic thin, feel soft and comfortable, will not cause skin irritation, very much in line with the requirements of human health. It can be used to produce shirts, short sleeves and scarves. The price of the fabric is 10 dollars per meter.

Tencel fine grain fabric: the composition of the fabric is 100% Tencel, the grammage and width of the fabric is 160g/m² and 148cm, it is suitable to be used to produce shirts, casual wear and other clothes, the price of the fabric is 18.5 per meter.


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