Hemp Double Color Cotton

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Versatile, Durable Fabric for Stylish DIY Clothing and Sportswear


  • Unique double color blend: Hemp, polyester, cotton, and nylon
  • Vibrant modern style with solid colors
  • Weighty fabric at 370g/sq.m for warmth and comfort
  • Versatile use for sweatshirts, sweatpants, sports suits
  • Generous width of 190cm for various sewing needs
  • Eco – friendly hemp content of 30% in the fabric

The Hemp Double Color Cotton fabric blends natural hemp with soft cotton, offering eco-friendly durability. Its dyeing process ensures a lasting solid color pattern, making it suitable for sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sports suits. With its modern aesthetic design and versatile width of 190cm, this fabric provides quality and style for various applications.

Made from a blend of hemp, polyester, cotton, and nylon, the fabric boasts a density of 370g/㎡. It offers breathability and comfort while being ideal for organic clothing production. Additionally, its unique color pattern adds aesthetic appeal to the finished products.

Incorporating the Hemp Double Color Cotton into clothing projects not only provides durable and breathable fabrics but also aligns with eco-conscious values due to its composition and dyeing process.

  • No. F303236
  • Ingredient content: 30% Hemp 33.6% Polyester 8.4% Cotton 24% Cotton 4% Nylon
  • Process: Dyeing
  • Grammage: 370g/㎡
  • Width: 190cm
  • Style: Modern
  • Pattern: Solid Color
  • Use: Sweatshirt, sweatpants, sports suit, etc.
  • Specification: 1kg≈1.4m



  • Hemp blend: Eco-friendly and durable, creating a timeless fabric that’s comfortable and long-lasting.
  • Unique color pattern: Offers versatility in design options, making it suitable for various projects from sportswear to casual wear.
  • Quality density: Ensures a substantial and high-quality textile, giving confidence in its performance for different garment applications.
  • Wide width: Provides flexibility for cutting patterns and designs, catering to various sewing projects without limitations.
  • Modern aesthetic design: Blends seamlessly with contemporary fashion trends, enhancing the overall appeal of finished products.
  • Ideal for sportswear: Breathable yet sturdy, perfect for crafting sweatshirts, sweatpants or sports suits with ease.


  • Versatile usage: Suitable for making a variety of clothing such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sports suits.
  • High-quality material: Made from a blend of 30% Hemp, 33.6% Polyester, 8.4% Cotton 24% Cotton, and 4% Nylon with a density of 370g/㎡.
  • Unique color design: Goes through dyeing process to achieve its unique double color pattern adding to its modern aesthetic.
  • Convenient measurement specification: A specification of 1kg≈1.4m aids in determining the quantity needed for specific projects.
  • Wide width: With a width of 190cm, it is suitable for various applications.

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Crafting Versatile Sportswear

We found this Hemp Double Color Cotton fabric to be ideal for creating durable and comfortable sportswear. The blend of hemp, polyester, cotton, and nylon offers a perfect balance for performance wear like sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sports suits.

Use Case 2: Eco-Friendly Home Textiles

When it comes to making eco-friendly home textiles, the Hemp Double Color Cotton stood out for us. Its solid color pattern and modern aesthetic make it suitable for crafting versatile items such as cushion covers or curtains.

Use Case 3: DIY Fashion Projects

For those interested in DIY fashion projects at home, we recommend using this fabric. Its unique blend and dyeing process allow you to create one-of-a-kind pieces like skirts or tops with a personal touch.


1. What is Hemp Double Color Cotton made from?

Well, it’s crafted from organic cotton and natural dyes… making it eco-friendly. Plus, the seams? Super sturdy for lasting wear.

2. Can I find my size in this underwear?

Absolutely! Check the size chart before hitting checkout. You’ll find a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

3. How do I buy this underwear?

It’s simple—head over to Etsy, select your size, and add it to your cart. At checkout, use your credit card to pay… That’s it!

4. Will I get a receipt after purchasing?

Yes, you will! After buying, you’ll receive an email with your receipt… Keep it safe for any future needs.

5. Are these colors going to last after washing?

Sure thing! Thanks to the natural dyes used in this underwear…, expect the colors to stay vibrant—wash after wash.

Upgrade Your Style with Versatile Hemp Double Color Cotton!

Perfect for the fashion-forward individual who loves creating their own unique clothing or sportswear. Try it out and elevate your wardrobe today




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