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Pure Linen Breathable and Stylish Made Easy with Chinese Style


100% hemp material
Dyeing process
Lightweight at 166g/sq m
Wide at 150cm
Chinese Style design
Solid Color pattern

HANMA spring and summer knitted linen material 100% hemp breathable doubtlessly cotton conductive versatile trend fabric Being lightweight yet sturdy, it is appropriate to make a lot of items, including T-shirts, cardigans, undershirts and also long-sleeved shirts. Which just gives a pure color look and chinese style design feels making the final products have ”good taste”.

Featuring a 166g/㎡ weight and 150cm width, this heavyweight fabric offers plenty of fabric to us. This pure linen knitted fabric offers a perfect base for such airy and lightweight summer wear as well as warm and cozy layering pieces for cooler time of the year. Including this fabric into your works will add a premium touch to your creations and ensure the highest comfort for the one who wears them.

As a buyer, when you are shopping for fabric, keep your design vision and the end users in mind, and think of everything in terms of what is needed. Practicality, style yet again or probably both, the Hanma spring and summer knitted linen fabric as a knitted linen fabric is the one is up close and personal.


    • No. K302951
    • Ingredient content: 100% Hemp
    • Process: Dyeing
    • Grammage: 166g/㎡
    • Width: 150cm
    • Specification: 1kg≈4m
    • Style: Chinese Style
    • Pattern: Solid Color
    • Use: T-shirt, thin cardigan, undershirt, long-sleeved shirt ……




100% Hemp: Made of 100% hemp, a material that is both resilient and breathable. It is perfect for making easy summer clothes that you never want to take off because they are so lightweight and breathable!

Lightweight Knitwear: With a weight of 166g/㎡, this knitwear is light and comfortable to wear, and is suitable for making a comfortable t-shirt, Thin Cardigan, Ni-picture, long-sleeved T and other products with wearing good, moving good.

First off, the fabric’s design makes use of a traditional Chinese style fabric pattern. This lends cultural appeal and elegance to your creations. Moreover, it features a solid color pattern, making it an indispensable versatile fabric to have in your material stash. Whether your designs lend themselves to simple everyday wear or stunning fashion statements, this fabric has got you covered. Finally, it can be used for making tees, blouses, scarves, pull-over, and other garment projects. Its quality will remain intact, giving you endless design possibilities. Finally, its eco-friendly composition comes from the fact that it is made from 100% linen fabrics. Therefore, this material will help you contribute to the sustainable practice agenda. Its benefits, nevertheless, are also immense.

Dresses, jumpers, scarves, singlet tops with a v-neck…and yes – even night clothes and bedding! The options are endless.

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Do not miss our line for the efforless style with Hanma Spring & Summer Knitted Linen Fabric!

The fabric knit with Hanma spring and summer linen adds a hint of traditional Chinese clothing, if you like comfortable, breathable and a bit oriental style, this fabric is what you need! It is a pure linen fabric that brings out the beauty in you when you wear T-shirts, and cardigans or long-sleeved shirts. Find the perfect combination of comfort and performance — buy yours now!

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