Teddy fleece is a luxuriously soft and cozy fabric that has become a beloved choice for apparel, home decor, and cuddly toys. Its plush texture and warmth make it an ideal material for keeping comfortable all year round. In this article, we’ll explore what teddy fleece is, its common uses, and factors to consider when selecting this snuggly fabric.

Teddy fleece is a knitted fabric made from polyester or other synthetic fibers. Through specialized brushing and napping processes, the fibers are raised to create a soft, fuzzy texture mimicking a teddy bear’s velvety coat. This ultra-plush fabric is commonly used in apparel like sweatshirts, loungewear, blankets, and of course, stuffed animal toys.

While rayon is the primary fiber used, some manufacturers may incorporate small percentages of spandex or other stretchy fibers to enhance the fabric’s flexibility and drape. Teddy fleece is also a popular choice for home decor items like throw blankets, pillows, and even upholstery for chairs and couches. Its warmth and touchable softness create a cozy, inviting feel in any living space.


Whether you’re snuggling up in teddy fleece pajamas or cuddling a plush teddy bear, this irresistibly soft fabric provides unbeatable comfort and warmth. With its versatility across apparel, home goods, and toys, teddy fleece allows you to surround yourself with sumptuously cozy textures.


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