The quality of pajamas fabric can affect effiency the quality of sleep, the premium quality of pajama can give you better sleep quality. The pajamas made from excellent quality fiber are definitely more personal and comfortable. Right now, pajamas have different types in different seasons . The requirements of pajamas are also different ,therefore it can primarily divided into spring ,summer , autumn and winter pajamas. Below, we will introduce to you several common pyjama fabrics and which materials can make pajamas more comfortable for you.

Pure cotton pajama fabric:

The contton pajamas is breathable and cozy, and can wear almost all year around. The pure cotton sleepwear is sanitary and healthy, will not irritate the sensitive skin and is suitable for close-fitting sleepwear. The pure cotton itself has a soft touch and excellent hygroscopicity. This type of pajamas is sanitary and healthy for the skin. Pajamas are very comfortable to wear and can promote sleep to a certain degree. They are the preferred fabric for making pajamas.

Cotton and linen pajama fabric:

Cotton and linen pajamas are primarily used in summer. Their main ingredients are cotton and linen. The linen material can makes pajamas more breathable. At the same time, linen has strong hygroscopicity, which can quickly absorb human sweat and evaporate it into the air, keeping human skin dry and comfortable at all times.

Flannel pajama fabric:

This is a kind of pajamas used in winter. Flannel pajama fabric has fine fluff and soft touch. It has excellent thermal insulation properties to help us resist the harsh cold. The main component of flannel is polyester fiber. After processing such as sanding and raising, it will have a better three-dimensional effect. The fabric is more wear-resistant and less prone to wrinkles and dirt. Naturally, the price of flannel pajamas is not high, and it is a product with a high feature-price ratio.

Silk pajama fabric:

The silk pajama fabric mentioned here usually refers to real silk, which is a kind of fabric with excellent drape and breathability made from mulberry silk as raw material after a series of processing procedures. Silk quality is better, and the price is higher. It is a kind of high-end fabric material. The fabric feels soft and smooth. The pajamas made from it are suitable for wearing in seasons other than winter.

The above is the relevant knowledge about pajama fabric compiled by ecommyj fabric. Pure cotton pajamas can be said to be the most comfortable, and the price of pure cotton is also quite affordable. When buying pajamas, you can give priority to pure cotton.


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