21s fine single bead ground

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Durable Cotton Fabric for Stylish Outdoor and Sports Gear


  • 100% cotton material
  • Dyeing process for vibrant colors
  • Weight of 200 – 210g/sq.m
  • Width of 185m
  • Versatile outdoor and sports use
  • Modern solid color design

We’ve got a 21s fine single bead ground fabric, crafted with 100% cotton and dyed to weigh between 200-210g/㎡. The width spans a generous 185m, offering ample material for various projects. Inspired by European and American styles, its solid color pattern makes it ideal for outdoor and sports use. Plus, each kilogram of this fabric measures approximately 2.6m in length.

This high-quality fabric suits outdoor enthusiasts and sports aficionados perfectly due to its sturdy yet comfortable nature. It provides the versatility needed for active pursuits while maintaining a stylish appeal inspired by European and American designs.

The 21s fine single bead ground is an exceptional choice for those seeking durable, breathable fabric that aligns with their active lifestyle needs.

Product Lists:

    • No. K301602
    • Ingredient content: 100% cotton
    • Process: Dyeing
    • Grammage: 200-210g/㎡
    • Width: 185m
    • Specification: 1kg≈2.6m
    • Style: Europe and America
    • Pattern: Solid Color
    • Use: Outdoor, sports fabrics




  • 100% Cotton Material: This fabric is made entirely of cotton, providing a soft and comfortable feel against the skin, making it perfect for crafting breathable and lightweight clothing items.
  • Vibrant Dyed Fabric: With a weight of 200-210g/㎡, this fabric is dyed in rich colors, ensuring that your creations stand out with vibrant and lasting hues.
  • Generous Width and Length: At a width of 185m, each 1kg of this fabric measures approximately 2.6m in length, offering ample material to bring your creative visions to life without running short.
  • European and American Inspired Style: The design draws inspiration from Europe and America, bringing a touch of international flair to your sewing projects for a unique and distinctive look.
  • Versatile Solid Color Pattern: The solid color pattern allows for versatile use in various sewing projects such as outdoor gear or sports apparel, giving you the flexibility to create diverse items with one fabric type.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Activities: Designed for outdoor and sports use, this fabric is durable enough to withstand active lifestyles while maintaining its quality over time.


  • 100% cotton for comfort
  • Dyed fabric weighing 200 – 210g/㎡ for durability
  • Width of 185m ensures ample material
  • Each 1kg of fabric is around 2.6m long
  • European & American – inspired style for a trendy look

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Finding Quality Sports Fabric

We found this “21s fine single bead ground” fabric perfect for our sports apparel. It’s made of 100% cotton with a weight of 200-210g/㎡, providing the ideal blend of comfort and durability for outdoor activities. The solid color pattern and European-inspired style add a touch of elegance to our sportswear.

Use Case 2: Creating Stylish Outdoor Gear

The “21s fine single bead ground” fabric is just what we need for crafting trendy outdoor gear. The wide width of 185m and the substantial length per kilogram allows us to design versatile and stylish products suitable for various outdoor uses, reflecting quality and practicality in our creations.

Use Case 3: Designing Unique Printmaking Fabrics

Incorporating this “21s fine single bead ground” fabric into our printmaking projects has elevated the quality of our designs. Its dyeing process ensures vibrant colors while its solid color pattern serves as an excellent canvas for intricate prints, contributing to unique and eye-catching fabrics that stand out in the market.


1. What is 21s fine single bead ground?

It’s a type of surface… used by printmakers. They use it in the intaglio method, where designs are etched into a plate.

2. Why do artists choose this ground?

For its fine quality… Artists like how it holds up against foul biting. This means less unwanted marks on their work.

3. Did someone famous invent this technique?

Yes, Daniel Hopfer… He was one of the first to use etching for printing. His methods led to what we have today.

4. Can this ground be used for any art style?

Absolutely! While popular in traditional styles, it’s versatile… Great for modern works too!

5. Is this product connected to a specific place?

Not exactly—while the technique has roots in places like Africa and Europe, today’s artists worldwide use it… On all sorts of projects, including those meant for the floor or wall.


Discover the Perfect Fabric for Your Outdoor Adventures!

Ideal for adventurous souls, our 21s fine single bead ground fabric, made with durable 100% cotton, dyed in a range of solid colors and inspired by European and American styles, is perfect for all your outdoor and sports needs. Whether it’s crafting comfortable sportswear or creating sturdy outdoor gear, this fabric is designed to bring your vision to life. Get yours today!



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