Chinse velvet textile is orginal from the Zhangzhou location of Fujian, so it is additionally called Zhangzhou velvet. This is a textile primarily made use of for apparel manufacturing. Although it is called velvet, there is no swan’s velvet include the ingredients of the velvet fabric. The majority of them are made from polyester (sometime called synthetic velvet),but it was originally made from silk.Pure silk velvet fabric is not much today because it is luxurious fabric.Velvet fabric has many excellent characteristics. This fabric is not extremely expensive if not using the silk velvet. We will certainly present to you the information about the the velvet fabric.

The Functions of Chinese Velvet Fabric:

Chinese velvet fabric has a soft and comfy touch feeling. The fabric surface area has limited and great fluff. It has a solid three-dimensional look and a particular level of flexibility. It fits to put on and does not limit the body moving. The fluff of the fabric is difficult to diminish and does not easy to discolor after cleaning. So the velvet material is simple to maintain. Also, velvet fabric have much better heat retention and can be made use of to make cozy layers, trousers and various other items.

Velvet has excellent dyeability and shade fastness, so this type of fabric has abundant shades. After refining the textile with jacquard, printing, and so on, it will certainly have a much better aesthetic result. Naturally, the raw products for velour manufacturing are not restricted to polyester, there are additionally Makers will certainly make use of cotton to make velour.

The cost is reasonably reduced.There are additionally a range of velvet materials available for sale in the chinese velvet fabric manufacturers and suppliers.If you have interested in velvet fabric , welcome to contact with us.

This velour textile is made up of 80% cotton + 20% polyester. Its weight and size are 280g/m ² and 160cm specifically. The textile is extremely soft and thick and has excellent heat retention. It can be made use of for sweatshirts, sweatpants and For the manufacturing of coverings and various other items.

Different types of Velvet Fabric Process

1、Crushed velvet

As the name suggests, it is pure velvet after machine twisting and creasing treatment of the fabric. Its mottled surface will produce a good glossy effect, more common in fashion design.

2、Panne velvet

More flat in touch, more shiny in view, produced by the ordinary velvet pile after high-pressure flattening, has a higher density of velvet than the general velvet.

3、Embossed velvet

Pure velvet according to the design pattern to trim off part of the pile, the remaining pile presents a three-dimensional pattern, is embossed velvet. Flowers and abstract lines are the most common pattern, more commonly used in home decoration.

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