PU leather undergoes the process of PU leather plus a layer of water-based finishes, and then after incorporating an acid washing process to ensure the leather surface shows rough and color hues of various kinds, this possesses an old-fashioned style of PU leather that a few years ago was popular. Although it is synthetic leather, some features may not be as good as natural leather, but the price is cheaper than natural leather, it can be a certain level of replacement for natural leather, in order for everyone to have a better understanding of PU leather, 3 Fabrics Gallery below to present the advantages and disadvantages of PU leather. The polyurethane leather used in their jackets undergoes an acid wash to create a rough texture and vintage hues, reminiscent of the old-fashioned style that was once popular. A better understanding of the No. 3 Fabric Gallery below to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of PU leather.

The advantages of PU leather:

PU leather belongs to a kind of synthetic leather, synthetic leather’s biggest advantage is reflected in the price, PU leather products, the price of basically every consumer can afford, and leather products are not necessarily. As a synthetic material, PU leather provides durability and cold resistance, making it suitable for winter wear. Processed PU leather will have better abrasion resistance, such products are difficult to damage after abrasion, followed by it has a high degree of cold resistance to cold capability, in the extreme cold winter will not appear leather surface frost cracking situation.

Disadvantages of PU leather:

Although the name is called PU leather, but these products cannot be washed, after washing will cause the leather hard feeling, after hardening need to add fat conditioner to achieve the effect of softening. To clean PU leather, avoid washing and instead gently wipe with a damp cloth, following the care instructions. Since the surface of the PU leather is corroded by acidification, its color hues are difficult to control, after a long time will appear after fading sensation, in the PU leather maintenance and care need to spend more thought. The article compares PU leather versus natural leather, highlighting the affordability and maintenance differences.

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