We all know that silk is made of natural fibers such as silk textile, silk fabric quality is excellent, its fabric appearance is beautiful and very comfortable to wear, but the price of silk compared to cotton and linen fabrics will be a lot more expensive, and imitation of silk in all aspects of the characteristics of the silk is more similar to the silk, you can play a certain degree of substitution for the role of silk. So we will introduce the fabric and imitation silk fabrics such as this fabric is harmful.

What kind of fabric is imitation silk? Imitation silk fabric harm?

Imitation silk fabric is polyester filament fibers after specific processing procedures to make the fabric with similar characteristics of a fabric with silk, including its touch, appearance and even luster are extremely similar to silk.

Imitation silk fabric has a similar drape with silk, feel soft and smooth, can be used for dresses, T-shirts and other apparel production, imitation silk clothing prices are lower than silk about two thirds, higher cost-effective so that it has a very high degree of competitiveness in the field of apparel textiles.

Imitation silk fabrics are harmful?

Imitation silk fabric production raw material is polyester, we all know that polyester fabric is non-toxic and harmless, so imitation silk fabric is also harmless, we can rest assured that the purchase of imitation silk products.

If you need to buy fabric friends , you can go to the mall to search for fabric name and check the price. Below is also recommended a better quality of imitation silk fabrics.

Imitation silk bamboo fabric: the composition of this fabric is 100% polyester fiber, fabric light and soft feel, its width is 145cm, can be used for shirts, tops and other products, fabric wholesale price of 5 yuan per meter.

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