Jacquard fabric features a raised pattern that is woven (instead of printed) onto the fabric.

The jacquard weaving process, named after the loom it’s woven on, allows for intricate, highly-textured patterns to be woven into the fabric.

The jacquard loom has individual warp threads that allow for great versatility in fabric design than the traditional loom.

The jacquard weaving process was introduced by Joseph Marie Jacquard, a weaver by trade, who perfected a loom that weaves by automatically selecting the warp thread to raise.

This brought about a textiles which “beauty and strength are inseparably combined and form a harmonious whole.

Since the patterns are woven in, rather than printed or embroidered on, the pattern will last for as long as the fabric itself.

Types of Jacquard Fabrics

Jacquard fabrics can be manufactured from a variety of fibers such as silk, cotton, polyester, and rayon, linen, as well as metallics.

The fabric is characterized by the intricacy of its woven patterns.

These types of fabric allow for a myriad of colors and complexities as well as near-photo quality images to be woven into the fabric.

The jacquard technique allows a weaver to create a cloth with a complex pattern, having hundreds of possible threadings for each warp thread.

It can be applied to a number of types of weaves, but is usually applied to the twill or satin weave.

It is most often found on patterned fabrics that combine two or more sets of threads.

It was originally used for brocade and damask patterns on upholstery.

Since it required a specific loom that required a highly skilled hand, it was too slow to make a typical garment.

However, today, identified as rich, distinguished, and ornately patterned, jacquard fabrics have made their way into the clothing industry.

Type Example and Uses

Knitted Jacquard Fabric: This type of jacquard fabric is made of 85% polyester, 15% rayon; and weigh at 210 − 220 g/m² – is extremely elastic, offering excellent comfort.

Summer t-shirts, light jackets and breathable boho with their pattern play openings, can be great fun for colorful jacquards.

Cotton-Silk Jacquard Fabric: This version is 71% cotton, 29% silk and has a weight of 250 g/m².

It’s soft and luxurious hand make it ideal for dressier tops and skirts as well as the more decorative home textiles.

Linen Jacquard Fabric: 100% linen jacquard in large pattern design.

One interesting benefit of the rich hues and good color coverage in linen jacquard, however, is that it doesn’t change the naturally breathable, moisture-wicking and environmentally friendly benefits of this fiber.

And as we mentioned earlier, any sun protection shirts, relaxed tees and long wraps are great options for this type of jacquard fabric.

Previously, if the jacquard loom was implemented on a heavier, less fluid fabric, the larger, more intricate designs that the loom could work has only been seen in more structured fabric.

That said, a jacquard fabric by the yard cost continues to be influenced by a number of other factors including material composition, complexity of the design and other factors such as fabric quality and brand.

We’ve mentioned textile manufacturers’ ability to work with their jacquard looms to be quite infallible in terms of their versatility and ability to adapt to their customers’ unique needs.

And unfortunately, that increased capability is often reflected in the price point of the finished fabric — especially where complex patterns are concerned, or where a high-quality natural fiber, like Egyptian cotton is involved.

That said, this fabric comes with rich A/B sides, heavy weight texture of a true jacquard and certainly somewhere where a more complex design is less common – a flora and fauna trend that can so easily be recolored and repositioned and give you a landscape style bed covering.

The cost of jacquard fabric by the yard can vary widely but often falls within 20 – 50 yuan per meter.

There are a few reasons for this — one is that fabrics containing are a blend natural fibers, like cotton, or silk tend to be more expensive generally, due to the expense of the materials.

Shaoxing City By the Yard Jacquard Fabric Factory does not sell by the yard.

In the Summer T-shirt example, the business is a turkey service woven, jacquard jacquard knit factory, a good jacquard knit producer for T-shirt, garson, casual, fashion, dress and sweater garments.

And because there may be a wide breadth of possibilities in up and down quilting and down pillow uses, the company tries to make a good good recolor or good vertical samples, which you can use as your to get the feel of your shoppers.


In summary, jacquard fabrics are particularly cherished for their beautiful, intricate woven patterns, delivering both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

Its numerous applications ensure that jacquard is a staple in both fashion and textile manufacturing — from fine apparel, to elegant home decor. Decades after its debut, an extensive array of weaving techniques and materials have made jacquard a versatile option for everything from draperies to active wear. The cost of jacquard fabric varies with the complexity of the pattern and the fiber content of the fabric.rn.

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